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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring just might be here!

Spring has been so late in arriving here, just like everywhere else it seems. I am so tired of the cold and even the rain. I keep asking people here if they really do get summer or if they are only teasing me when they say they have HOT summers! There is a central air unit on the outside of our house, so that means something I guess. Friday a straight wind came through our area. It blew gust up to 100 km an hour! A tree blew down just a block over. My grandkids and I went over to look at it. It did not hit anybody, just barely missed people, though. I had my grandkids on Friday evening and all day Sat. It was wonderful, they are so full of energy and imagination.
Just on the edge of the photo you can see our plum tree, it is gorgeous and smells so sweet!

I have been painting some furniture for my back porch, I will post pics of them as soon as I get them finished.

Hugs, Cindy