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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Cottage Living Room

We moved into our 1927 Craftsman bungalow just seven months ago. My husband and I had always wanted to live in an older home with character, so finding this place was alotof fun. We found that the woodwork had been painted in a lot of the older homes that we looked at and the oak flooring had been replaced or covered over. This place is a little gem, we think! I have wanted to decorate in a cottage style for so long and none of my homes have given themselves to that style. Until now!!! We painted all of the walls a butter yellow and started from there. Here are a few pictures of my living room. I continually waffle between wanting to paint all of my wood furniture white and loving the dark furniture. Do you ever do that? I have a lovely old wood dresser that I have put in the living room. It was given to my parents back in the 1969 after our house burnt down. It was painted a dark brown, I told my folks if they ever wanted to get rid of it I would love to have it. I have always loved old furniture, so after they gave it to me I stripped it and I have so enjoyed it ever since. We are wanting to replace all of the cabinets in the kitchen, so a kitchen re-do will be coming up soon!!

May your day be a blessed one!



Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

I struggled with the dark wood vs. painted wood too. Initially I tested the waters by painting just a couple pieces I wasn't emotionally attached to. Once I saw how much I LOVED white painted furniture, and how much it lightened up my small home, nothing was safe from my paint sprayer! I have one more piece that I've been wishy-washy about but I recently made the decision that it is definitely going to have a date with the paint sprayer as soon as I can get to Home Depot or Lowes to pick up more primer.

We're talking about a kitchen re-do too but I'm stalling. I dread it because it just turns the house so topsy turvy until it's done. It's always worth it in the end but when you are living through it...ugh!

Susan Hill said...

I love the dark wood! I think we are going back to some of that! I too have everything painted white, but I seem to be seeing a lot of wood again. Just don't lose the character if you paint!!

Love the blog, keep it up! I've been extremely busy and then slowing down now, but I seem to have bloggers cramp or something, not inspired right now!!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Yay for the sprayer! Once you see how much easier a sprayer is, you will wonder why you didn't get one sooner. I sense that maybe your hubby might even want to try his hand at it?? ;)

I can't spray paint in the winter either and I'm in sunny Florida. I have to spray outside in the driveway and much of the time during the winter months it's too windy...ya know, that north wind blowing in from Canada!

Be sure and let me know how your first piece turns out.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia your place looks amazing. You and Brenda have the coolest taste. It looks so cozy and warm, like the nicest place to stay. Hint, hint, actually me and your bro. will have to make a trip to visit you all for sure. love u.

Carolyn said...

Your little blue bungalow looks very warm and cozy!
Yes, I waffle on painted or wood too. I think I like white or cream in summer and warmer colors in winter.
I mostly live outside in summer though.
You have a nice blog and it is nice to meet another Canadian.
Take care,

Annette said...

Everything looks so nice, and I love the yellow walls. My house in Texas had yellow walls. They were a very warm, Southwestern yellow that went wonderfully with the terra-cotta colored tile.

My current home here in Ohio has darker walls (almost a brown/gray palette), which I don't really like. But to paint them all would cause major distruptions to life around here. And the two-story entryway seems kind of overhwhelming. Maybe I just don't like to paint. :) Maybe this summer... :)