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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thrifty Thursday and I will tell you about a Give Away

It is Thrifty Thursday over at Bloggeritaville

You really need to check out her lovely blog and see what other thrifty people are coming up with this week.

I actually got these two chairs about a month ago, before I was blogging, at a garage sale. I paid $2 apiece for them. Yes, just $2. The funny thing is that I was just going to buy one of the chairs, because all I had on me was a twoonie (Canadian for a two dollar coin). But a sweet lady who was also looking at them told me I really should buy the two of them and handed me a twoonie. Isn't that amazing?! I had not planned to go garage saleing that day, I just happened to see the sign and it was tempting, so I went. They are solid, but covered in very dirty stinky gold velvet fabric. So I threw some fabric over them to see how it would look and I like it. So, I have painted the wood white and will soon reupholster them in the beige fabric. I think they will look marvelous, don't you?

My next thrify find was about two weeks ago. I found the table and chairs at another garage sale for $20. Again, they are very solid and in very good condition. I am in the process of painting them white, also. Then my little screened in porch will look ship-shape.

The only thing I will need to do then is to rip up the berber carpet and put down a rug. I saw an amazing give away over at The Old White Cottage and if I could win that rug it would be wonderful! But hey, it is open to all, so why don't you go over and see if you can win it. It is worth a try, I think. I may be painting the inside of my porch also, then it will all be brand new.

Thank you for coming by to see my Thrifty Finds, that I am quite proud of!! It is so sweet of you to leave a comment, I read them all and enjoy them to the fullest.

Have a beautiful day,

Hugs, Cindy


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

what a great table & chairs! I love me some great, thrifty finds!

Christina said...

Great finds. I love the story about the chairs.

Cute little table and chairs. They will be wonderful painted white!

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE your screened in porch - - - ALL of it.

Anonymous said...

That is a darling porch. It looks like it could be in Oklahoma, or somewhere down south.
I do contest your comment in your about you note though, I am married to the sweetest man on earth. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Mom, your house is just gorgeous. I can't wait to come and see you and Da (and spend a little R&R time on that lovely screened in porch?) You have talents and a skills that not many people do, and decorating is just one of them.
Love you,

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

You're blog is delightful and charming! I am sooo glad that you played along in thrifty Thursday! I am going to follow your blog in my dashboard! thanks for playing! Great finds!

Nancy said...

Hi Cindy,

What a cute porch you have here! Love the chairs and what a fantastic price for them!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Nancy