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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Changes and I am Hooked on Vintage Furniture

The Changes are the "new to me" dining room table and chairs. We do not have a dining room in our small bungalow, only this small eating area.
We bought it for a very good price in Dauphin, Manitoba, in a little place called "Hodge Podge". It's my new favorite place to shop and it is more than a three hour drive away!

As you can see the top is in bad need of a refinish, whether it be paint or a good sanding down and varnish. I'm not quite sure exactly, I will have to do some research on refinishing old wood.

It has lovely detailing on the legs of the table and chairs. I love the rounded look.

Our home is a 1927 Craftsman Bungalow and I love the cottage style of decorating. The Antique store dealer told us that it was from the 1920's. It doesn't really matter if it is or it isn't, I really like it and it is the right size for our little place, I think. Our eating area is very tiny and our other set was so large that it made the room feel very cramped when we had anyone over for a meal.
The set has four small side chairs and one captain's chair with arm rests and my husband seems very happy with it. I love the old style and feel of it. It gives the room a whole different feel.
I do have a question, though. Should I leave it dark or should I paint it white? I can also paint my china cabinet white if I should so desire. That was my plan, but now I am second guessing myself. I also want to warm the room up, but preferably not with a rug. The walls are a butter yellow, they are not showing well on my monitor. In fact all of the colors are very subdued, much more so than the colors are in real life.

Do any of you have any opinions on whether I sould paint it or leave it the wood color. Also all of the trim is the wood color in this room. This week I am really loving the vintage feel that my house is taking on. I am collecting more and more vintage pieces of furniture and it just feels so right!

I am joining in on the fun over at "Hooked on Houses" for the first time. This week I am hooked on Vintage Furniture!!

If you loved the Nancy Drew series when you were young, you will love Julia's blog entry today! I was a Nancy Drew fan, for sure!

Thanks, Julia for hosting this!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Terry said...

I like the table as is. A rug would make it pop out from the rest of the wood. You could use some sheets and spreads to test what a rug might look like with your table. I think I'd like it with paint too. I wouldn't change it yet because I like a table top I can't mess up and I can be a very messy guy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to get a great find that you love? My opinion on whether or not to paint is - yes, paint it. :-)

Porch Days said...

The table fits with the style of your house perfectly. I vote to keep the wood finish. But give it a water proof topping to make it care free.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

cindy, how do you edit after it is posted? I know nothing it is a wonder I do as well as I do...thanks

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Cindy, I did it, no ideal but maybe I will be able to do it again someday. Thanks so much as for your table. I would love it painted best I think. I can not wait to see what you decide to do. don't let me miss it. P.S. How do I delete a comment???lol

Morning T said...

I'd like it painted and maybe distressed, allowing some of the wood to show through. Very nice find!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Thanks cindy, I do not see the trash can, but it will be

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Thanks for commenting on the room. I saw this on another blog as a room gone way wrong and I too thought it was fine, just differant. I will say that I stood alone on that side of the I wanted to see what my readers thought about it.

Daisy Cottage said...

Hello My Sweet Cindy!!

I love your "new" vintage furniture and I am so happy that you are loving it too! Yay! I think either way you decide to go will be fine.. you can leave it the way it is or paint it up - it is really just a matter of personal taste. It might be easier to paint the table instead of the china cabinet which you could leave as is for a nice contrast. OR you could leave the table and paint the chairs only too. Whatever you are in the mood for - most of all - just have fun with it. It can't be wrong - everything will turn out fabulous!


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