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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Visit to the ocean. In Manitoba?

When we left British Columbia, Canada, I knew I would desperately miss the ocean. We did not live near the open ocean, but with my oldest daughter living in Washington I was able to go to the coast quite often. I love the sound of the surf, the spray and rush of the water as it laps at the shore. On Saturday we decided to take a site seeing trip into the interior of Manitoba.
We went to Pine Falls and saw the beautiful Winnipeg River Harbour, it is on the edge of the Canadian shield and there are many large rocks and also a beautiful dam. The Winnipeg River actually has seven dams on it.
We love taking pictures of the American White Pelican. We probably have about a hundred of them! My husband and I always think that we have taken enough, only to take a few more. They are very picturesque birds, I think. Very shy of humans, though. There is something about dams that they love. Either the fish or the excitement of the water moving very rapidly, because that is where you will always find them.
We found the ocean! Oops, I mean Lake Winnipeg. When I saw it, I realized I would never be homesick for the ocean again!!! If I can make a few trips to Lake Winnipeg, I will have no reason to miss it. Truly, it is like standing on a beach at the Pacific Ocean. It has the most gorgeous soft grey sandy beaches in some areas and in other areas the sand is white! I did not get a picture of Grand Beach, an hour further North, because it was covered in beach towels and bodies. The sand is amazingly white and there are even sand dunes.
My pictures usually load properly, but these did not seem to. This is the Winnipeg River again.
Patricia Beach, there were hardly any people here.
I did appreciate the fact that there were no Sea Gulls flying overhead! We only saw loons and pelicans.
Here I am getting my feet wet. I am way out in the river on a rock outcropping. The weather was warm and very breezy, perfect!
This is me in my new glasses. Do you like them? If you don't, don't tell me, because I love them!! They are comfortable and light weight.
I hope you have enjoyed our trip to Lake Winnipeg and to the Winnipeg River. We live in a very beautiful province and I am just beginning to discover it. My husband's grandmother passed away last week so we are making a trip into Northern Saskatchewan today. So stay tuned for pictures of the great province of Saskatchewan. There are more than wheat fields there, trust me!
Be sure to stop over at asoutherndaydreamer, there are always beautiful places to see there.

Hope you have a great week.



susan said...

This could pass for the ocean! i know what you mean about the lure of the ocean--song of the sirens :) I'm sorry to hear about your husban's grandmother. And yes, I think your "shades" are fabulous!

Maya said...

It looks very much like the ocean! I don't think I could ever live very far from the sea (not anymore).

ellen b said...

What beautiful photos of a great area! Very nice!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing.

Lori E said...

All of our provinces have something special to offer. We just have to find it.

Lisa Shatzer said...

The pelicans are so cool! I would take hundreds of pictures of them too!

Martha said...

A beautiful place -- and yes, it does look like the ocean even to waves. i love pelicans, too, although we only see them during migration. They fly in unusual pattern.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh my such a beautiful picture. I love them. I could smell the water and the fresh air. I could hear the waves lapping on the rocks. These pics are just gorgeous, and yes it does look like the ocean. Thanks so much for sharing. Love the sunglasses. Excellent choice. Country Hugs, Sherry

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

love the hip! You are so welcome.

Carrie said...

Love the pictures.... love the glasses.

Regina said...

Love the view.
Happy outdoor.

claudie said...

I know how you feel. We used to live in Vancouver, White Rock to be exact. Now we live near Ottawa on a's better than nothing.
I enjoyed your pic's and yeah I do like your glasses.
Happy OW
Love Claudie

Mary said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your river tour. I loved the pictures and I love your shades. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It does look like the ocean. The picture of your glasses are too dark for me to see what they really look like. But I am sure they are lovely. You wouldn't choose something that wasn't.

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