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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Today's Outdoor Wednesday are photos that my daughter recently sent me from their hike up Mt. Pilchuk. The hike is just over four miles long and my five-year-old granddaughter had no problem doing it. She enjoys hiking with her parents. The two-year-old got to ride in style up the mountain. Our son-in-law is a great guy, he is a real family man.

Mom and little brother waited at the bottom while dad and sister went up the tower at the peak and looked out at the scenery from way above everybody.

Beth signed her name, what a great memory for her!

Mt. Pilchuk is in the state of Washington and is in the Cascade Mountain range only about 90 minutes from Seattle. I hope you enjoyed the hike today. Be sure to go over to A Southern Daydreamer and see what others are doing in the great outdoors.
Hugs, Cindy


Regina said...

Great outdoor post!

Ebie said...

This is a great adventure and very brave of her on the climb! I enjoyed it!

Jane said...

What an adventure! Great outdoor photos

Jane (Artfully Graced)

Riet said...

What a lovely post. So good of your granddaughter to walk all that far
Have a nice day

stefanie said...

great outdoor post, beautiful

Mary said...

What a wonderful family outing. I loved your photos and it goes without saying you have a photogenic family. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Marina Capano said...

Hi! just beautiful pics and coll adventure!

I love it!


hip chick said...

Beautiful scenery and a great memory. Family hikes are so much fun.

. said...

Nice pictures and nice people.

Riet said...

HI and thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to tell you that my outdoor Wednesday post is on my other blog . I stopped the other blog but didn\t think of writing that down. Two blogs is too much for me. Would you like to visit my other blog too?

daylily777 said...

What a wonderful adventure for the kids. Great pics, beautiful scenery.Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment.
ps-beauitful family also 8-)

Carolyn said...

That was quite an adventure!
Thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comments.
I hope you get some nice weather now.

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

What a great family outing! I remember doing these types of things with my father and I just love to see fathers nowadays taking such an interest in spending quality time with their children. Seems so many are caught up in working that they forget that time passes quickly that and you need to give your children memories for a lifetime before it's to late. Great post!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow - I would have waited at the bottom! Thanks for sharing.

Maria Berg said...

That is really outdoor!!!! I want to go on a hiking trip now (the summer soon end and i miss it already, well you can be out in winter to but is is easier in summer. MB

mbkatc230 said...

Beautiful outdoor photos! What an adventurous little girl, how fun. And I love that she got to sign her name, she will always remember this outing. Happy OW. Kathy