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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking A Walk In My Neighborhood

We are having summer weather this week, it has lasted for three whole days. The sky has clouded over and it looks like it may rain tomorrow. No matter, I am thankful for the good weather that we have had for these few days. I wanted to take advantage of the sunny days and show you the lovely little street that we live on. There are lots of trees lining all of the streets in the older areas of the city. We might have bought a newer house except that there are virtually no trees in the new subdivisions. You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.

This neighborhood began to built up somtime in the early 1920's. There are several like this sweet little bungalow.

This is my favorite house. There is just something about it that I am attracted to. I love the brick steps that lead up to the wood door, inset just a little. I love the red shutters and the red roof. Is it because it has alot of red, maybe? The lawn is lush and it has such great curb appeal.

Further away, it looks even sweeter.

My grands call this the "Mexican House."

This house is on river front property. It is so lovely.

This one is also very attractive.

I have met the lady who lives here. She is in her seventies and is very fit and energetic, she looks after her yard and gardens by herself and stays very busy. I tried to load a picture of the back of her house, I will have to post it another time. She has the cutest table and umbrella set on her back porch.

Well, that is our neighborhood, and that is what I am hooked on this week.
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I hope you all have a fun weekend.




Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Now that's one pretty neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour! LOVE the pop of color with the red shutters.

Terry said...

I'm with you on the house with red shutters. The shutters have an unusual curvy top.

Millie said...

I sit here chuckling! I have never seen your blog until today, and when I read the first sentence, I thought "Oh, they are having similar weather where this lady lives",...then I saw the first picture and thought "this could be our street" , and then the other photos looked like they could be from Manitoba. So I checked out your profile...and, well.....
anyway, if you are curious, I live in North Kildonan in Wpg...
I will bookmark your blog, so I can come back again.

Millie said...

Hi Again...I almost took a guess at the name of your street! I noticed our favorites are very similar too....and our favorite Book..

Jenny said...

Great pics. What a fun neighborhood. My favorite is the house you love as well!

Greet said...

Dear Cindy,

Today I had the time again to pass through a few blogs.
I love your blog ! It gives me a certain calming feeling8 The nice images from your region, your neighbourhood,... If I feel the need to calm down after a busy day, I'll go to your blog. I'm gonna follow him in the future and I add Oakview Cottage to my bloglist!
I am happy to have met you Cindy!
Have a nice sunday.

Greet from Belgian Pearls