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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barrier Bay

On Monday I told you that my sweet hubby was taking me away for a mini-getaway to celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary. We headed north-east out of Winnipeg toward the Whiteshell Provincial Park. On the way we stopped in Seven Sisters Falls to visit the Seven Sisters Dam. It was built in the 1940's and is still a viable power station. The next stop was Barrier Bay, the trip only took an hour and a half. There we found the cabin that my husband, Ray, had reserved for us as a surprise for me. This is the view from the front of the cabin.

This is the cabin.

It had a huge window across the front and a screened in porch that we could sit in to get away from the mosquitoes. They were very hungry! They were eating me alive, usually they leave me alone.

More views of the lake.

I had to get a picture of our beautiful Canadian flag flying from someones boathouse.

After we settled in, we went for a drive to see the park and to find something to eat. We happened upon five eagles flying way up high, I was not able to get a good picture, of course.

We found Rainbow Falls. It was well marked and I expected a real falls. Well, the water must fall at least a good four feet, I forgot I was in Manitoba and not in British Columbia where the falls could easily be 400 feet tall.

It was nice, even if it was small.

The lake was very pretty and in a very wild area.

The sun was lowering in the sky by the time we headed back to our lovely little cabin with a jacuzzi and a king size bed. We didn't exactly rough it, anything but!
Thank you to all of my sweet blogger friends who left Anniversary wishes, I really appreciate it, it was so sweet of you!
I am joining Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Daydreamer again. This is my favorite blog party, I have made so many lovely friends through it. I even found a blogger who lives just a few miles from me, that I am going to meet one day soon!!! I am very excited about that.
Have a beautiful Wednesday!
Hugs, Cindy


Riet said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful country.
Have a nice day

Greet said...

Cindy, these pictures are WAAAUUUWWW!
This is a wonderful place!
In Belgium you can not find such places!
I show your post to my husband this evening! He will be excited about it!
Cindy, I hope you and your husband have had a wonderful wedding anniversary trip together!

And oh yes, thank you for the comment on my post yesterday!
Yes indeed, there are a lot of big houses in Belgium, but not always
that cosy! I do not love the houses without personality and where there is only the signature of the interior designer!
But you know in my posts I want objectively let people see what interior design in Belgium is!
And of course there are other houses much smaller and very cosy!
But even they have a few characteristics that always come back. For example : the use of Belgian bluestone, the country looking design.
But I do love my home, it is a sort of "life work" for me and my husband, if you know what I mean.
We do have so much work on it and instead of traveling (expensive), we keep our savings to work on our house and Jan (my husband) loves to do as much he can a lot of things by his own. But he has only the weekends and holidays for that!
In week there is business of course.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

How I would love to have a getaway like that...or any getaway for that matter. Summer didn't pan out for me at all...but I can come and look at your pictures...and be happy that SOME PEOPLE got to get out there and enjoy! Thank you for sharing with us! I'm glad you had a good time! :) Congratulations, by the way! You sound happy!

Beverly said...

Your hubby did good! What a wonderful, beautiful, tranquil looking place.

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
How beautiful. What a wonderful place to get away to. I'm very happy that you enjoyed your anniversary surprise...what a sweet hubby to have planed it all. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Mary said...

Your photos are beautiful. This was a perfect getaway for a special anniversary. May there be many, many more.

Love Bears All Things said...

What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for sharing it with us. I like that Falls. They don't have to be majestic to be beautiful. My Honey Bear and I are going to a cabin in the mountains in October. I can hardly wait.
Mama Bear

Kitty Valerie said...

Those are very good pictures. Lovely place.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great day,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Cindy,
Your pics are so pretty! What a neat place to go for your anniversary! I was in Winnipeg as a teenager for a marching competition (band) and I always have such fond memories. Cindy too!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh how beautiful! The setting for that cabin is amazing -- imagine having that view from your windows, and also having a big screen TV. My husband would be in heaven.
Gorgeous place... what fun!

Brenda said...

Looks like a lovely place for a tranquil and romantic anniversary! Such pretty scenery in your photos too!

Lisa Shatzer said...

The trees, the lake, the falls, what a beautiful place. Looks like a sweet, romantic place to celebrate your anniversary!

Maria Berg said...

Out in the nature, we had sun here yesterday but I was inside with a ill child, but today she i better so I will go out and look at the beautiful nature. MB

Kathleen said...

Beautiful pictures...Happy Anniversary, too!