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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have always loved the cottage style of decorating. I love white dishes, white accessories, black and white photos, old silver, crystal and china. I think I am leaning toward contrasts, though, rather than all white or all light colors at least. Can you see how I am already leaning in that direction on my tray that is on the foot stool? While perusing blogs today, I was looking through older posts at Chrissy's beautiful blog The Apothacary Shop, (you really need to check it out). My eye was continually drawn to the light contrasting with the dark. I also love the industrial look contrasting with the elegant. Again, contrast. jeannedarcliving


Isn't that sweet? I love it, this is Chrissy's design, she is really good at what she does.

I don't know where I picked this picture up, if it is yours, please forgive me for using it. I love the white cabinets with the dark door and drawer pulls. I also adore the contrast of dark counter top with white cabinets.
As I look around me in my own little cottage, I can see that I have already started down that road.
One of the things that has gotten me thinking about all of this is that we have a Kitchen designer coming in tomorrow to give us a quote on redoing our kitchen. I have my mind made up that I want white cabinets, beadboard backsplash and dark pulls on the cabinets. Also, I will have a black counter top, like the photo above. And, I am really hoping that there are wood floors under the lino that is in there. I am very nervous and excited! Hopefully I will have some good news on that front to relate to you very soon!
So, what do you think? Do you like the contrast? Or are you all white or do a select few colors work best for you? I tend to treat my butter yellow walls as a neutral and so I don't use yellow anywhere else. I am simply a wannabe decorator, I just enjoy playing with furniture and moving accessories around in my own home.
Have a beautiful weekend,
Hugs, Cindy


The Stitcherbee said...

I like the contrast, too. I think it makes the details pop so much more!

Greet said...

Cindy, It will be great when the kitchen designer comes into your home!
You have to tell him what you like to see in your kitchen and then you let him speak! You will learn from him!
But the important thing is that you like YOUR kitchen because you have to live and work in it!
For the painting in your kitchen, I would say, thake a light colour and if you like yellow, than put a shade of yellow in the light colour that you have chosen! Than it will have a wonderful glow!
I love the images you showed with a mix of white and silver!
Very nice!

Have a wonderful weekend,


Chrissy said...

Hey you!!! Thanks so much for the mention!! The first two photos are from Jeanne d;arc living,only the last one you posted(the candlelight) is mine,but I do appreciate it!! off to work,have a great weekend,Chrissy

Nancy said...

Hi Cindy, I am a contrast girl...that's why i did the white cabs with black in my kitchen....I too loooove that cottage style...but I have to respect the fact that I live with men and not ;) They are pretty supportive of all my girly stuff...except for the cottage look... ;) I love all the pictures you have showed us today! Love that kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by The Southern Cottage...I won't be doing a lot of posting there...just when I have something cottagey to share.. :) I will add you blog to my blog roll! Nancy

French-Kissed said...

A kitchen remodel ~ how exciting! I love the way you sound like you are heading with the contrasts etc. If you like, take a look at my posts on my kitchen remodel all on the theme "I Saved $50,000 on my..." Archives for February 16th thru the 23rd. I think there are 6 posts altogether. Looking forward to your keeping us posted on the progress.


Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
I too love the contrast of the dark and whites/creams....but with a bit of pop of color. My kitchen cabinets are a creamy, antiqued color with oil rubbed knobs and pulls. With my pop of color being pear green. Sometimes I like adding a bit of red too. I love the red and green combo. The beauty of the white and dark cantrast is that you can add any color that you like for pop or just leave it as is and it looks great either way. I had my kitchen redone about a year and a half ago....although it was a lot of work it was certainly worth it. I'm excited to hear more about your kitchen progress. Have a wonderful weekend.


Bev @ The 3 Clutters said...

The whites remind me of a beachy feel...crisp and clean

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE your blog header... would be FAB as a painting!

Amisha said...

Lovely pictures!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I just love Chrissy's style, she should have a book...thanks for visiting today!

Brittany said...

Hi Cindy! So nice of you to stop by for a blog visit :) Thanks you for your sweet comment, I'm happy to meet you and to find your lovely blog - I, too, love the cottage style. You are more than welcome to mention the projects I posted about, even though I'm sure there are tons of better ones out there in blogland! Good luck with your kitchen redo - your ideas sound just perfect, can't wait to see it! My philosophy is - there's not any right or wrong way to decorate your house- what matters is if you like it. Do what makes YOU happy :)

Amy said...

I am all the way a contrast decorator.