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Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday

Good morning sweet friends, I wanted to leave you with a small look at the table top of the table that sits next to my chair where I blog. You can see all but the top book are LM Montgomery books, she is one of my favorite authors. I have read almost all of her books. It is supposed to rain today, it might be a good day to settle in and just read. Sounds heavenly! The rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and warm. I love Autumn more than any other time of the year! I hope your day is happy and filled with sweet blessings from above.

Hugs, Cindy S.


Millie said...

Reading sounds like a good idea, but I have ironing to do...(lots of tablecloths from our meals with the cousins from Britain) Gonna take a few minutes to pick some fall flowers, though, before it rains!

Bev @ The 3 Clutters said...

Ohhh...wish I could be home reading...that sounds like the perfect thing to do!

Ana said...

Hi Cindy,
It's suppose to get really, really warm in the next few days here :-( I can't wait till it starts to feel more like autumn/winter. Enjoy your reading time and relax. Have a wonderful 1st day of fall.


Greet said...

Hi Cindy,
I read that It gonna rain today !
Well here it is amazingly very good weather for the time of the year!It is about 20°C. And it has not rain the last days! We hope that in the next couple of days it gonna rain for our plants and hedges!!
Friday we start with the landscaping in the garden and within a few weeks we are going to plant the fruittrees!

Have a nice day,

Daisy Cottage said...

Look at beautiful YOU over there in your sidebar!!

Thank you Cindy for being SO incredibly sweet over the years - you are a blessing.. and I treasure you.

EVERYTHING is looking so lovely at Oakeview Cottage!


The Stylish House said...

Hi Cindy,
Your stack of books and the items placed on top looks great. I enjoy playing around using what I already have to make a fresh and smart look. Also love the teacup used as a scoop. I've found the best ideas in Blog World.