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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Inspiration

When we lived on the coast of B.C., we would pop down to the state of Washington and go to Stoney Ridge Farm every fall with our grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law. Of all the photos I have ever taken this is my favorite. Our little Bethy is only two and a half in this photo.

It is raining here today, snow flurries with rain, is in the forecast for this weekend. I am not ready for that!
Happy Wednesday!
Hugs, Cindy


Pen Pen said...

I can see why that photo is a favorite... what a gorgeous shot!!

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Cindy!
Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I found you! We DO like a lot of the same things....:-) OK..regarding the toile~ I was looking at your bedroom picture and your living room or family room picture (new clock post) and toile would fit P E R F E C T L Y in both of the rooms ( a toile pillow right in that newly slipcovered chair you found for $2-wow btw...! Just pick a color you have other accents in & go to town!!!
And..don't you just love white slipcovers?? My plan right now is to warm them up for fall/winter so.....ok I'm rambling on and on nice to meet you & I'll be back to browse!

Take care!


Jaclyn said...

Bethany is so adorable in this photo!

Pauline said...

Hello Cindy. Lovely happy photo. Sorry to hear the weather is not to your's getting colder here too. not much fun is it? Just have to find happy things to pass the time :o)

Greet said...

Hi my friend,

This is a picture of which you have to make a poster!
So adorable Cindy!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

So cute! Me and you v/s all those blue lovers! I did not anyone else was out there...thanks

Kathleen said...

That is an adorable pic..
And the snow in your newest post! OH NO! It was 70 here today in NY...Don't want winter till Dec!!

French-Kissed said...

I am catching up on reading your posts and I just had to comment on the absolutely adorable photo of this beautiful child. It is so very precious!