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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank YOU

I want to thank all of my dear readers for their ideas and help concerning my kitchen renovation. All of your input helps, I really do need ideas and another perspective sometimes.

Thank you also for your sweet words regarding the Award that I received. I am embarassed at how un-creative my post was. After I read French Kissed, especially. She is one beautiful, brilliant and talented lady! Go read what she revealed about herself. She is an Attorney! Also Greet from Belgium Pearls, another beautiful,sweet, talented lady, read about her, if you haven't already. I am humbled to realize that these ladies read my blog and say that they enjoy it.

I have not been around much lately. I have had the flu for nearly two weeks and I am still not getting over it. My creativity level is at zero. So all I can do is reflect on a beautiful verse that has great meaning for me. Even when I am not feeling well I can still talk to my Creator, my Maker, the lover of my Soul. I love Him so much. I am so grateful for the intimate walk that He desires of us and I can have with Him. It is not an arduous thing to serve the Lord, but rather, it is my greatest pleasure. There are times when all we can do is look up and know that He cares, He is there and that He understands.
Hugs to all my dear readers,


Greet said...

Dear Cindy,
Thank you for your lovely blog and your kindness to all your readers!
I thought so that there was something and now I am reading that you were ill! I hope you feel better now!
A big hug,

Millie said...

Hi Cindy
I hope you will be feeling better soon! The verse is so comforting, isn't it?

Pauline said...

Cindy, I'm sorry to hear that you're not well, but thank the Lord you're well enough to feel closer to Him, and appreciate the previlege we as Believer enjoy to sit at His feet :o) You'er in His care.

Beverly said...

Don't sell yourself short. Your blog is awesome girl. Love the says it all.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad I found you. I think your blog is very creative, and you definitely deserve the award. I will visit the blogs you mentioned as I am not familiar with them.
I think you might like to join us on the weekends for Spiritual Sundays. Here's the link if you are not familiar with it.
Ginger of Enchanting Cottage and I host it each week.

Charlotte said...

I know you will enjoy the conference. I've never heard of it, but I'm sure it will be wonderful. We'll be looking forward to you joining us when you can.

French-Kissed said...

Dear Cindy,

I was so sad to read that you have not been feeling well. I hope you are feeling much better by now and that you will enjoy a wonderful autumn weekend.


Something White said...

Dear Cindy,
I´ve been browsing through your pages here for a while when I discovered your kind comment and your link on my blog! Thank you very much!
It makes me happy when I meet people who are not afraid to affirm that they love God! Not many persons now, but I´m a (Catholic) priest´s daughter and I myself have been in religious life during 7 years (in France). The very best time of my life.
Glad to meet you!
Warm greetings, Marjolijn