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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kitchen Reno Week 6

Once a week I am going to show you what has been accomplished over the last week on our Kitchen Renovation. Only SIX weeks to go before the Visions Kitchens put the new cupboards and counter tops in. I am very excited and so I have been trying to do ahead everything that I can so once they have done their work and then the floor is laid everything is ready for the BIG REVEAL!!! You will come back for that, now, won't you?

First up, the stools have been repainted! They were a sage green, but now they are a lovely white. They were being used downstairs in my husbands "blue" man room. But they will be coming upstairs.

I am trying to keep it Christmasy, despite the mess we are slowly getting into. See my poor little KitchenAid hiding under the towel? It doesn't really want to come out until the room is finished, but I have to do my Christmas baking still, so I'm afraid it will have to come out before then.

Our old counters, a Home Depot flyer, our best friend at this point in time.

A false beam was up there where the hole is. And the receptacles for the breakfast bar pendants are in.

The new studs and the blue sheet show where the wall is being built and that is where my new kitchen range will go. What a mess under the counter, I am turning a blind eye to it right now, if I didn't I would go crazy!!!

These lovely pine boards, now gracing my eating area, will soon be on my CEILING!!! I am so excited about that! It will be painted white and be "oh so cottagey" looking!

This is our telephone/message center, it has received a brand new coat of white paint, as well as the letter holder.

We had the light fixture moved over to be above the table and a lovely hole is left, but that's okay, because the new pine board ceiling will cover it!
I hope I didn't bore you too badly. Have a wonderful weekend!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cindy, this is so exciting, and believe me, if anyone understands what you're going through, I do! And it really looks good. I see the end in sight, and it will be so great to have a snazzy new kitchen. Good work!


Sheila :-)

French-Kissed said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the update ~ I love watching the progress. Just keep focusing one what it will look like when it is finished and how very thrilled you will be! I am so happy for you! ~jermaine~

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cindy,
Keep your eyes on the prize (says your sister Sue) We enjoyed your update! I find renovations very exciting!! I think it would be my dream to 'flip' a house someday. It's going to look amazing once you're done =)
Love you lots

Greet said...

Cindy, I know that it is not so nice being in the middle of house renovation! But a few weeks of patience and your kitchen will be a jewel!


Ana said...

Hi Cindy,
How excited! The Big Reveal day will be here before you know it. I cannot wait!!!! Looking great! I know it feels like there is not end in sight for all the mess, but soon you'll be enjoying your brand new kitchen and all the chaos and mess will be a distant memory. Hang in there my friend. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a very blessed new week.

Hugs and Kisses,


The Stylish House said...

I love the white pine for the ceiling! There is always some pain and agony during a big remodel, but it will all be worth it. I'm sure you can't wait to enjoy cooking in your new kitchen! Thanks for the updates, it's fun to watch this develop. Your chairs look great with a fresh coat of paint, and the phone table is perfect!

Pauline said...

It's so nice to see it all coming along. So, cindy, for missing this post earlier...i'm getting excited and it's not even my house, lol.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I can't wait to see that ceiling and I will admit I am so jealous! I wanted one so badly for my guest room. Tell me will you have to tear out the old, or can the wood be put over the old? I was thinking it would have to be torn out, but if not, that would be great. I can't wait to see the after, it is going to be fab, I just know.