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Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Look in the Sun Room

Hello dear readers, I am afraid I have lost some of you, due to taking a detour and talking about marriage. So here I am back talking about changes around my little cottage, today.
I have rearranged the furniture in my sun room, taken furniture out and put other furniture in. These were taken last Christmas, but little has changed in there until recently, except for taking out the Christmas decor, of course.

I took the table off of the back porch that I had repainted and I put it in here. It had a nasty brown, antiquing finish on it. It was really ugly, but I could see that there was hope due to the cute little legs that it sported and the sweet chairs that came with it.

I was given the little desk chair when we were in B.C., by a dear lady who knew that I loved old things and would treasure it. She had owned it for many years.

I left the armoire in here, but I am going to paint it white this winter and distress it. In fact I have considered replacing the mirror with glass and adding shelves to the interior. As it stands it has very little in it, but with shelves it would become extremely useful.

I am joining Met Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. Have a look at her blog, it is so much fun to see what people have been up to.
Have a lovely Monday.
Hugs, Cindy


Pauline said...

You didn't lose me :o) hugs. What a lovely view from your window. All I can see from mine are my neighbours looking back at me from their window, lol.
God bless you.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

It's amazing how just moving a little here, a little there and one can get a fresh new look!

Greet said...

Hi Cindy,
You certainly did not loose me!!
Nice post of your home and sun room!
I also did a post about my home, my living room today. I know you like to see rooms of my home! So do I of your home! Thank you for sharing!


Millie said...

I didn't get lost either! I wasnt commenting too much last week or so, as we had the flu (mild, thank goodness!) and were busy getting ready for Mom's party, etc. I think the armoire would look really nice painted and with shelves.

susan said...

I love your table and the chair. How nice that the lady knew you would give it a proper home and love it too :). The armoire will look great painted and with glass. I do like it the way it is, but if it isn't working for you--change it!!

Kammy said...

Nice , love the new color !