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Monday, November 16, 2009


My new kitchen cabinets don't go in for another two months, but there is a lot of work that has to be done before then. All of the wiring has to be redone for one thing. The old light fixtures were taken down today and it was apparent that no updating had been done on the wiring whatsoever, in fact there was knob and tube wiring that was still in use. Yikes, wires just stuck up in to the lathe and plaster ceiling without junction boxes! Pretty scary, I think! We found out today that these old houses love to surprise you, the job that should be the quickest and easiest can become the most time consuming and difficult.

Today I purchased the light fixtures. They will all be weathered bronze. The finish looks black with a bit of a bronzie-gold color on the rims, making it look weathered, I guess. Two of these fixtures, shone below, will go over my eating bar. This second one is not really what the main kitchen light looks like, it will be a school house light, on a 12 inch rod. This is the closest that I could find to resembling it.

Remember my Kitchen Inspiration post? Look at the fourth photo down and the light over the sink is what the School House light looks like, only mine won't be on a chain. It will be on a rod. We will reuse the light that was in the eating area, it is black and perhaps I will add a bit of the bronzie-gold color to the rims to make it look the same as the others.
The sink and flooring will come next. I have been looking at a grey Granite sink. I think it will look great with the Blue Storm by Formica Group laminate that I have chosen for the counter tops. We are trying to match the oak, to carry the wood floor on through. That would be best, I think.
I will show more photos as time goes by.
Thanks for coming by, have a beautiful Tuesday!
Cindy S.


Millie said...

It's nice to make progress, isn't it? Good to take care of the "hidden" things like wiring too.

Greet said...

I am looking forward to see your kitchen finished! I know old houses always surprise you in a certain way! But they are so charming!! As yours!
The lighting you choosed will be very nice!

PS Did you received my email that you are being tagged by me?
And please read my VERY important message of this morning on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, I like your lights! Looking forward to seeing your pictures as I cannot be there to see it in person. xoxo Sue