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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ten Things About Me

I have received another award from dear Greet, from Belgian Pearls. Thank you, Greet!
I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself. I am going to tell you about the 10 things that I love most in life. So here we go!
1. I love my God, Jesus Christ is first and foremost in my life.

2. I love my friends and family so very, very much. I belong to a large, quirky, hilarious, fun loving family. I am also blessed to have a few wonderful friends that I love dearly.

My BFF's sweet little daughter.

My niece and nephew, my oldest brother's boy and younger sister's girl.

One of my dearest friends and her tired looking little girl.

My niece, my youngest brother's daughter.

3. I love my morning cup of coffee, sitting at my old fashioned little kitchen table sipping away quietly, alone, just me and God.
4. I love to be surrounded by beauty, both in Nature and at Home.

We took these in June when we visited friends and family in British Columbia, Canada.

5. I love to spend my evenings curled up in this chair reading!

6. I LOVE Christmas and decorating my house for it.

7. I love to go ice skating, walking and jogging.

8. I love to sing and play the keyboard.

9. I love to read, mostly Christian fiction. Stories about home and families are my favorite, especially when they include a preacher and his wife!
10. I love this amazing country called Canada that I have been privileged to live in for 42 years.

Now you really know more about me than you ever thought you wanted to know!!! I also love to cook, eat, sleep and blog, but those are givens, I guess.:-D
Now I need to pass this award on. This is the hard part because I have so many favorites!!!
So I will pass it on to:
2. Lois from E W McCall
3. Chrissy from The Apothacary Shop
4. Beverly from The Three Clutters
5. Shari from My Cottage of Bliss
7. Ana from A Petite Cottage
I am looking forward to reading about these bloggers. Thank you again, Greet, for the award, you have become a dear blogger friend and I absolutely LOVE your blog. By the way, if you have not seen her blog, you really need to treat yourself and enjoy some gorgeous eye candy.
I'm off...


Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing 10 things you love...and thank you for the nice message you left on my blog about my Santa Count Down project...visit again soon.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cindy, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!


Sheila :-)

Greet said...

Hi Cindy,
Thank you so much for sharing these 10 things about you! If we ever met in real we will know so much things about each other ! Wonderful!!
And thank you for the sweet words of my blog!
Hugs and kisses,

Pauline said...

Dear Cindy, so pleased to read about your interests. That big chair looks so cosy :o)
I also enjoy your Christmas decorations...very pretty. Have a happy Sunday.


Ana said...

Thank you dear and sweet friend. I feel truly blessed by your kindess. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

It was a true pleasure getting to know a bit more about you. You have a beautiful family. Family is the greatest gift ever...right next to Jesus. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful new week.

Blessings and hugs,

CIELO said...

You've been invited! Come celebrate your home with us at the house in the roses... Show Off Your Cottage Monday is up! ;)


Anonymous said...

Well now, you really make me miss you more when I read your blogs. I can agree completely with your list =) You are blessed with a beautiful voice and talent with that keyboard. That's one thing I regret , not following through with my piano lessons.

Thank you for sharing!
Love you lots,