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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Work has Begun...

On the Kitchen! You can see from the pictures that there was a false beam dividing the kitchen from the eating area. We want it to be one straight ceiling right across. It should feel like one room when we are done. We will find out when the cupboards will be installed, after we visit our Kitchen Designer on Friday. It will either be just before Christmas or just after. Whichever it is, my kitchen will be torn up over Christmas and we may have to have Christmas dinner over at my son and daughter-in-laws this year. I'm sure that won't be a problem.

I am torn about what to do for light fixtures. I want a new one in the kitchen, two pendants over the breakfast bar and possibly a new dining room fixture. I like the one in the dining room, if I can find suitable and matching fixtures for the other two, it can stay. I had thought that I would put in recessed lighting in the ceiling. But it is an old house, built in 1927 and I would really like for the kitchen not to shout "Hello, I'm brand new and Modern" although it will anyway I guess with just the new appliances. Any thoughts on integrating the new and the old?

The doorway there is going to be a wall and my new GE Stainless Steel Convection Oven Range is going to sit there, with a Microwave/Fan unit sitting over it. There will be a small cabinet to the right of it, then my GE Stainless Steel Side by Side fridge will go there.
Once I know for certain that everything is going to happen and it all fits into the budget, I will attempt to scan the computer generated picture of the new kitchen and show it to you.

Thanks for any suggestions that you have, I appreciate them. Have a beautiful Tuesday.

Hugs, Cindy


Millie said...

Exciting! Can hardly wait to see the after pictures. I am sure you will have your patience tried while waiting for things to happen on time...there usually is some unforeseen delay...but let's hope not!

Beverly said...

How exciting! Hope the work goes quickly. I hated having dust EVERYWHERE.

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Stopping in to say hello and extend congrats on the kitchen makeover! How exciting! Although the planning and remodeling processes can be stressful, the end results typically are worth the hassles. Hope your re-do is quick and painless! :)

Janean said...

kitchen remodels tear up everthing, but it looks great!

The Stylish House said...

I had a combination confection oven in my last home and loved it. It took a bit of getting used to, but I wish I had one now. I definitely like your idea of using lighting that is not ultra modern. There are so many great choices to choose from. One idea is to repeat the black metal on your dining chandelier, but use an opaque glass globe for the drop pendants. You can find a similar look in a ceiling hugging variety for the other areas. If you put them on a dimmer it will give you nice light control. If you did this you could use black or pewter handles for your cabinets. A combination of vintage cupholder handles and knobs fit nicely with a vintage look.
You are lucky that is a false beam, because if it was load bearing it would have been expensive to rework.

Ana said...

Hi Cindy,
I've been through a kitchen remodel and I hate to say this, but it isn't fun...but the end results will more than make up for it. Hang in there. Can't wait to see it done. Have a wonderful day.


Anita said...

This is my first time posting at Outdoor Wednesday and found your blog. I love seeing the process of your renovation and will stop by in the future to see the end results! Good luck, Anita

French-Kissed said...

So happy to hear that you have finally begun your kitchen transformation. It is a tough process but in the end you will be overjoyed. In my job, I see alot of beautiful kitchens and most of them do incorporate some recessed task lighting. If you mix in the pendants and another classic hanging fixture or two, I don't think anyone will focus on the recessed ones. I am so happy and excited for you! Just be patient, roll with the "punches" and know that the end result will be worth it!