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Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitchen Update: Three Days 'til Cabinets Arrive

First of all, I want to thank my blogger friends for patiently following my Kitchen odyssey and leaving such nice comments. It is so exciting for me and I am so blessed to have a place to chronicle each phase.

So... my hard working hubby has taken up the old floor covering as well as the underlay. For some reason it had weak bouncy areas. So it was taken up and new underlay plywood has is down and the floor is ready for the cabinets to go in.

My Kohler Brookfield bisque colored cast iron sink has arrived in all it's glory! It is so pretty, I really won't mind washing dishes in it, it will be a joy. It was the next best thing that I could find to an Apron Front. They aren't real popular in Canada, yet. Next year I will find them everywhere, probably!
My Price Pfister Marielle three piece Chrome faucet is on order. Isn't it a beauty?
And now, for the Torlys Cork floor, it will be on order Monday. The place we are buying it from will send someone out to measure the area so we are able to order an accurate amount.

I like the Burl Natural from their classic collection. The colors in it are almost exactly the same as our Oak flooring. Our neighbor just recently installed them and their oak floors are identical to ours, so we were able to get a look at what it will look like installed.
I am so excited about the progression, but I have found it hard to make all of the decisions. But, almost all of the decisions have been made now, all that is left is to pick the white for the bead board that will be installed.
Thank you again for all of your kind comments. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Hugs, Cindy


Anonymous said...


I am so excited for you! You will have a beautiful kitchen. It will be so much fun to cook in. Good for you. ~ You deserve it.

Your bestest friend, Sue

Weeble's Wobble said...

I know it's going to be beautiful. :) I'm excited for you!

Weeble's Wobble said...

I'm really really wanting an apron sink whenever we re-do my kitchen but am not sure of the practicality for a large family with many children? Do they mark up easy?

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, this is SO exciting. Love your choices, Cindy!


Sheila :-)

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Hey Cindy! Hope you had a nice Christmas! How fun to start the new year off with all these new goodies!
oops.. I notice that my blog showed up with the butterfly logo of someone else. I have no idea how to make a button at this point. Anything we can do to correct that? Or maybe you can email me with directions. Tammy

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Added you to my blog roll. Now maybe we can keep up with each other more easily. Have a great weekend!

paintergal said...

Love your choices. So fun to see your kitchen come together.
I wanted to answer your question about making the mittens with the felted sweaters.
Yep, I sewed them with my machine.
Once you have the pattern figured out, it is so easy.
Let me know if you make some!

Greet said...

Oh Cindy the faucet is gorgeous!