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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dining Room Before and After

The dining room has a lovely window in it and it was hidden behind my china cabinet. The yellow paint color is the same, it just looks different because I took the last two photos without a flash. It brightens it up considerably.

See the little window there, it is small, but a lot of light comes through it at mid-day.

Now the little window really shines, don't you think?

I like the Laugh sign that some of you commented on, maybe that's what the window is doing now!?!
The corbels that I made out of paper will soon be made out of wood, one thing at a time. Hopefully, the last walls will be covered in bead board next week and I can show you the third window in the kitchen.

Once again, thanks for following along, your interest and excitement for me have made this a very fun endeavor. Plus, I have journaled our first renovation, ever! I kind of think it will be the last, too. Although my sweet hubby was saying something recently about making me a sewing room... hm... this may not be the last one!
It's snowing out tonight and everything is looking so beautiful and clean again.
Hope you are enjoying a peaceful day,


E W McCall said...

Cynthia!! I LOVE IT!! It looks sooo amazing! WOW! Can't wait to see it in person :-)

Wendy said...

I love your new china cabinet and how it shows off the window too.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It is just as cute as can be! I love taking this journey with you. And I can imagine a romantic Valentine's dinner at that cute table!


Sheila :-)

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Cindy, your kitchen turned out so beautiful!! I love it all. I know you are so excited, I know I would be, there is nothing I like more than something for my house. When I first posted on rms, I posted my dining room mural . It was a Christmas present from my husband and someone commented they would rather have a piece of jewerly anyday... I thought you must be freaking crazy! 5 stars for you my friend!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh my WOW! I love what you've done to your kitchen! This cabinet is also amazing! I went back and looked at several of your other's a beautiful transformation!
Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world the other day!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Love how it all turned out! What a nice thing to come home to after your trip! Looks like a happy place to me. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

The transformation of your kitchen is quite amazing. I am sure you will enjoy cooking in.

Beverly said...

WOW...everything looks so good!!!!!