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Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's My Day!

...because it's my Birthday today, March the 22nd!! (Please ignore the date at the top, I can't edit that for some reason.)
My birthday has always been my favorite day of the year. I can remember looking forward to it with great anticipation when I was little and I'm not much different now.
I am 52 years young today. I am so grateful for the years God has allowed me to have and for the beautiful blessed life He has given me. How am I blessed, well let me count the ways.
1. I have a husband who loves me and treats me like a Queen.
2. I have children who love me and tell me often that they do.
3. I have four healthy, happy, young grandchildren and they love me too.
4. I have a beautiful Church family who I love to worship with.
5. I have five wonderful siblings and their spouses and all of their children that I am so blessed to love and be loved by.
6. I have many, many friends. Too many to count and I count my blogging friends, too. I have made some precious connections with women all over the world and I enjoy visiting them and reading their comments when they visit me. Thank you all of you dear people and you know who you are. I love you and am very grateful for you.

I was eighteen months old in this photo, sorry for the poor quality, but it is OLD!

I have been very spoiled this year. My youngest sister Sue gave me this when I was out visiting her two months ago.

She also gave me the keys that you see hanging above and below. I adore old keys.

My oldest daughter gave me the bird plate holder.

Carolyn also gave me these two very old urns, aren't they beautiful?

My hubby bought the crown for me and a brown sweater that I really love, I don't have a photo of it.

I just love this!

On Sunday my sweet friend Wendy and her husband went out to lunch with us and she gave me a heavenly smelling candle and some chocolate kisses.
You see, I have been very spoiled and I am loving every minute of it.

Thank you for stopping by and celebrating this very special day with me, please leave me a comment and let me know that you were here.

Love and hugs to all,


Brittany said...

Happy Happy Birthday to a super sweet lady! You deserve all that spoiling :)

Greet said...

Dear Cindy,
I know I am a day too late for wishes!! But better late than never!!
PS Indeed you were very spoiled! What a wonderful gifts you received!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my best friend and sister. I love you. Have a wonderful day Cynthia! Glad you like the gifts that I gave you. It is so fun seeing them on your blog. I love the picture of yourself you put up. You were SO cute and now you are SO beautiful!

Lots of love, Sue

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful one! You truly are blessed! So happy to call you friend. Hope this year is full of blessings for you.

Ana said...

♪Happy Birthday to You♪
♪Happy Birthday to You♪
♪Happy Birthday Dear Cindy♪
♪Happy Birthday to You♪

I know my singing isn't the best, but it was all from my heart :-) Wishing you a wonderfully special day my dear and sweet friend. Enjoy!

Much love to you,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mom...B took all my phone time when I tries to call and wish this to you. She has enough words for us BOTH for sure. But much love and hoping you a beautiful sunshiney day...

Your Oldest Daughter

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays! =)
Such cute pictures of you as a little girl!
Gorgeous gifts you got! Always fun to be spoiled, you deserve it especially on your special day! Just LOVE that crown, it's beautiful!

Love you lots!!!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy Birthday, Cindy!

Wendy said...

Happy happy birthday!!! I'm so happy you got spoiled!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Oh my gosh, Cindy! I almost didn't get here in time to wish you a very happy birthday (but that's the story of my life these past 5 months)! By the looks of all the lovely gifts you received, I'd say you are dearly loved...and rightfully so! Hope you had a wonderful day. :)

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!! I hope you feel your day with everything you love. I just found your note and I agree, you can't go wrong buying the old stuff. I try to do the same myself. If we all stay away from the trends we will have staying power! Thanks

Jaclyn said...

Love your gifts, especially the crown! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

I was here!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Cindy,
Thank you so much for visiting "Home is Where the Heart is". It's a pleasure to meet you!. I have been reading many of your posts and I have enjoyed them very much. Your cottage is so charming and I love your bead board your hubby put up for you!.
Happy Birthday, my birthday was on March 7th and my Grandson's birthday was March 23rd.
I have become a follower.
Take care and enjoy your day!
Hugs, Elizabeth

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Cindy,
I looked for your follow button but I didn't see it and I have my glasses on too! LOL. Where is it please.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, so glad I decided to read your Blog today or I wouldn't have known it was your special day Wish we could be with you. You are always in our Prayes and thoughts. love You Ray and Ann