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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Red River Rising ~ Outdoor Wednesday

I am joining Outdoor Wednesday again, you will find it over at A Southern Daydreamer. Please check it out for more great photos.

The Red River flows North from Minnesota into North Dakota and on into Manitoba, Canada. I live in Manitoba and every year there are dire predictions as to how badly the Red River will flood in the Spring time. Thankfully, this year there will only be a minor flood. Compared to other years, that is.
I wanted this photo taken with me in it to give you an idea of how large these pieces of ice are. They are very small this year compared to last year. These ice jams were in the Selkirk area. But they move very quickly. So today, for instance, the ice jams are probably several miles up the river and not to be seen in this area at all.

The Canada Geese are back, that is a sure sign of Spring. They can be heard every day, honking their way back to their home for the Summer.

My husband took all of the photos, so thanks go to him.
Thank you, sweetheart.

The road across the bridge normally would continue, but not during flood season. It is completely cut off here for several weeks, thanks to the Red River.

It is very scary standing on the bridge looking down into the water. You can hear the ice crunch against the bridge underneath you. To make it worse there are several pigeons that nest under this bridge and if you listen it sounds very ghostly. I would not want to be here at night!

Thank you for coming by, be sure to leave me a comment to let me know you were here.

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Nancy said...

wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing.

Greet said...

You told me that the place I live is beautiful! Indeed I agree! But seeing these gorgeous pictures of your neighbourhood..... THIS IS A WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE!!! My goodness!! Amazing...really!!!!!

Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...

A very interesting post indeed! I am amazed by the size of those ice chunks and that water does not look inviting. Hope you dry out soon!

sherri@lavenderfields said...

Lets all keep our fingers crossed for everybody near the river that there is minimal flooding! In years past it has been so devastating! Hope you are having a good Outdoor Wednesday and Happy easter too! Your husband took some great pics!! : )

Patriotic Mom said...

These ice pictures are amazing! I think it would be a little scary too! Thank you for your patriotic comments on my blog. Happy Easter, Joan

jeanne said...

Hi Cindy, the Red River looks very daunting with all that ice. We never have anything like that here in NC. You are right, it is scary looking but interesting. Love the Canada Geese. Your dh did take some great photos. He captured the moment so well.
Hugs, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

The photo's look omninous. Hope it doesn't flood. Would love to visit and see it all for ourselves oneday soon. Love your blog. Ang & Family.

Millie said...

The pictures captured this time of year very well, the ice, return of the geese, etc. Great post!