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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Gold Medalist and a Thank You

Good Monday to you my friend, so glad you came by for a visit!

In the photo above you see a photo of my husband's nephew held by Ben Hiebert, one of the 2010 Olympic Gold Medalists. He is on Kevin Martens Curling Team.  
      In fact my little nephew is holding the gold medal.  Ben Hiebert, happens to be a nephew of my sister-in-law Rhonda (my brother's wife), who lives in B.C..  Confused?  Well, they are all from Regina, Saskatchewan and my husbands sister, Yvette,  works with and is a friend of Ben's girlfriend.  That is how they are all connected.  They visited my husband's sister Yvette's home, thus the photo op! 
 This is the little fellow who was visiting us this weekend with his mom, Yvette, he's two and a half.  When she showed me this photo, I told her that I had to have it so I could post it on my blog.  Because of being connected to Ben, (through Rhonda) we watched all of his curling games at the Olympics over the internet.  We have never watched curling before, ever!  But, as we watched and listened to the commentator, we gradually began to understand what the throwing and sweeping was all about.  It is quite a fascinating and interesting game.

In other news, I won a give away over at A Beach Cottage and this is what I won!  A years subscription to the Canadian House and Home Magazine!!!  It is a huge, wonderful magazine, thank you Sarah!  If you have never visited Sarah's blog, you  really ought to, it is so unique and fun!  The really sweet thing about it is that she has a giveaway pretty well every week and sometimes more often than that. 

We are enjoying unseasonably warm weather here in Manitoba.  The normal temp for this time of year is 12 deg. Celcius, it is meant to go to 23 deg. Celcius!  Last week was the same, except for one day.  Hurray!!!

PS  Be sure to come back tomorrow, I have a simple little something to show you that I put together!  Something cheap and easy!


Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Lucky girl to win that magazine subscription! For some reason, I can't view your other photos. My computer does that and I haven't figured out why yet. But your story sounds quite interesting. Have a great week!

Millie said...

We are fans of curling, so I was very happy to see your photo of Ben. Wat a team!

Ana said...

Hi Cindy,
Congratulations! I love home and garden magazines...What an awesome giveaway gift, enjoy! Oh and how cool is it to know an Olimpic Gold Medalist!!!I'm sure your little nephew will tresure that picture for years to come. Hope you had a wonderful weekend my sweet and dear friend...Can't wait to come over tomorrow to see what you have to show us. See you then.

Hugs and Kisses,


Greet said...

Wonderful picture of your nephew! And congratulations Cindy with that give away! That is super one, isn't it?!
PS Thank you so much for your comment on my post of my outbuilding.I am so sorry that I had not much time to blog and read other blogs!
But I will come back my friend!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Cindy,
Sounds like a fun magazine! I love to read and buy magazine's, but they are getting so costly don't you think. It was wonderful that you won a subscription.
Your daughter's home is lovely and her colors are so pretty!.
The photo of your nephew and Ben will become a treasured photo I'm sure.
Have a wonderful week,we are having rain today.
Hugs, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Nice win! Krisitin and I really enjoy the Canadian House and Home Magazine. Nice to have a 'Canadian' magazine! Cute pic of your nephew and our claim to fame "Ben".

xoxo Sue