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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

When you become a Mother, you decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ E. Stone

Two Plum Tree Blossom boquets for all of my sweet Bloggy friends who are Mothers.

A Tribute to my Mother

The photo below is of my mom and dad back in the early 1950's. 
My mom married my dad just days before her 17th birthday.  She remained happily married to my dad
for just about 40 years when my dad died in 1991 of a massive stroke.
She had followed my dad from Oklahoma to the coast of Washington state and then into British Columbia, Canada, where they pastored churches.
The best thing she ever did for her six children was love our dad.
She didn't complain when life dealt her some pretty tough blows.  She lost a baby when the baby was only six months old.  Our house burnt down in 1969 and she fell and broke her leg while trying to move a couch into the new house that dad had built for us.
My mom was quiet, stable and loving.  We knew she loved God first, dad next and us last.  We always knew that we were extremely important to her. She knew what it was to sacrife something for us.  I remember many times when we were sitting at the table eating a meal, that one of us would want another helping of food and my mom, knowing there weren't any extras, would tell us we could have her portion, because she didn't want it anyway.  As I got older I realized that it wasn't because my mom didn't want it, but because she wanted us to have something that we wanted.   My goal as I married and had children was to be like my mom.  I didn't have the luxury of being a stay at home Mom like she had been, but I did my best to love my children the way she had loved us.  My mom died of a brain tumor just three years after my dad passed away.  She was only 59 years old.  I am very thankful for the mom that God gave me.

A close-up of the Plum Tree blossoms. 




Millie said...

What a nice photo of your parents, and a great tribute to your Mom. Have a great Mom's Day.

Wendy said...

Happy mother's day to you Cynthia. That was a very moving post.

French-Kissed said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother. I absolutely love the blossoms I hope your Mother's Day is filled with happiness.


Ana said...

Happy Mother's Day Cindy! Beautiful tribute to your mom. I love the part where you said..."The best thing she ever did for her six children was love our dad" How very sweet. Sending you, my sweet and dear friend, all my love and wishing you a very beautiful and blessed day.

Much love to you,

Greet said...

Happy Motherday to you my friend!!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

A happy mother's day to you! Sweet tribute to your mom. You're more like her than you realize. Her character and kindness live on through you. Wishing you much happiness on this day.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy, thank you for sharing this beautiful story of your mother's love.

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful way with words. Thank you for the beautiful and true tribute to our Mom. She was the best. I appreciate your sharing this. We were six blessed kids for sure!!

Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful blog, thank you for sharing the memories of grandma. I believe you have done well following in your mothers footsteps! I really appreciate that you posted this :)
Love you so much

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cynthia, dear, for the lovely tribute to our mother. She was a lovely lady and a loving mother. She was so quiet, but also such a great example of being loving and friendly to every one. And a brave woman. And she loved God so much. She said that she was always happiest when she knew she was doing what God wanted for her to do, even if it wasn't what she would have chosen.