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Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm cleaning my bedroom today, fluffing my nest!
I would love to paint my headboard. I think it would be so pretty in white or a light grey, maybe.
I'm being real here, showing you the good, bad and the ugly.

These are the pillow cases that I found at Value Village, brand new $5.99.
I gave one set away for my give away and kept one set for myself.

I found the little feather pillow for $4.99 at Value Village.

The painting was given to me by my friend Diane, on the West Coast.
Thank you for stopping by, be sure to leave me a comment and have a wonderful day!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Looks so cozy, and pretty. I would paint that headboard so fast it would make your head

Nancy said...

Hi Cindy!
I'm torn between painting wood or keeping it natural. Your headboard looks nice as is, but I think it would look great painted white. Love those pillow cases! Where is this value village? Never heard of it. Sounds like a great plae!

Have a nice day!

Rhonda said...

I think your room is very pretty and relaxing
but I am having hard time trying to find anything "bad" in it

I really like the picture of the roses.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Cindy... bad? I don't see any bad! I love the linens and the bed. I think it would be fun painted a cottagey white, but I love wood, too. Those pillowcases are lovely.

Now, if the bed were in Florida, I might paint it a robin's egg, pink, or green. I have been eyeing some furniture lately and thinking along those lines at least for the upstairs. The downstairs remains pretty much as is until I take the bed out of the bedroom and replace it. THEN the new bed might get painted! ;-)


Sheila :-)

Brittany said...

I can easily see that headboard painted white or soft gray - it's pretty now, but it would be even prettier painted! It's a perfect piece to go shabby chic :) Love your room - looks so cozy!

september cottage said...

HI Cindy!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking part in my GIVEAWAY!!! Your name has gone into the hat...

You have it nice here, too - I will linger for a bit :)!!!

Have a great day!


Carolyn said...

Hi Cindy,
I think it all looks good!!!


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Cindy,
I won, Really!!. Thank you so much.
My computer at home has been down. What a lovely surprise! I will check my home email from work and send you my address.
I love your headboard is it pine, if it is I love pine and the natural color of it. White would be great too, but its always so nice to have some natural wood in the home instead of all painted. Go with your heart.
Your kitchen is to die for, its perfect in every way!
Big hugs, Elizabeth

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Cindy,
I just check my email and didn't see a note here's my email ( I will send you my home address when I receive your note.
Thanks a bunch,

Bethany said...

WOW makes me want to take a nice nap with a good book

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Sweet pillow. I think the headboard would look lovely painted! I have an ugly wooden headboard that really isn't pretty--but painting mine would not help it. Sometimes I like the warmth of wood. But yours has nice lines and would look pretty painted.

Amy said...

I love your headboard! I am always torn between painting something and keeping it's wood tones! The pillowcases are lovely--I wish we had a Value Village.

Anonymous said...

Nice fluffing, Cindy! I love your pillow cases with the little flowers! I would have never guessed they were new. I thought they were vintage. And, what a great deal!
I'm glad you stopped by. It's always nice to hear from you!
I've only had a couple responses to my Feather Your Nest Thursday's link party idea (hmmm). I'm still trying to figure out the linky tool, too. I'm gonna do my best, though, to try to figure it out. :)
Hugs ~ Jo