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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Changes

Hello!  I'm so glad you have stopped by today, how is your day going so far?

I have been busy working on crafts this week, but I wanted to show you a few changes I have made that make my  home feel more summery.
I pulled out of storage the fireplace cover that I got at Value Village last year and had so much fun monogramming.  I love this project.  I think it turned out quite well.  I haven't done much with my  mantel, perhaps I could lighten it up a bit more.  It is such a dark hole in the living room, sometimes I despair of knowing what to do with it. 
In a continuing effort to add pink to my kitchen I put this light green tablecloth with pink roses on it on the kitchen table.  The strange purple flowers with the horizontal growing leaves and the petunias are from my garden.  Anyone know what the purple flower is called?  It's a perennial, that's all I know about it.

Have a beautiful Tuesday, I really hope yours is sunshiny!!  Mine isn't, but the weather bureau is promising sun tomorrow.  I sure hope they are right, because today all I want to do is go to sleep.  
So I will sign off now and go for a nap...wait a minute, I mean go for a WALK!

I am joining The Gypsy's Corner for Three or More Tuesday.  Pop over there for a minute and check out the others who have joined the party.



Nancy said...

Cindy, I love, love, love your home. I enjoy the chance to visit so I can see pics of it! I like the changes you've made. That fireplace screen is so cool. You did a fantastic job with the stenciling!

Thanks for sharing!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Very cute! I love your home, Cindy, and I always like to see what you've done.

Not sure on the flower. Is it some sort of bluebell? Just guessing...


Sheila :-)

Brittany said...

Oh my - I love your fireplace cover! I've been looking for a fireplace screen myself, so far I've not found one that strikes me. But yours is perfect - and you did a great job with the monogram :) We don't have any sunshine here, either - and I'd also like to take a nap! :)

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Cindy!
First off I want to thank you for your very sweet words on my post today! You really did brighten my mood. And thank you for the reminder about enjoying the moment with my girls. You are so right. I absolutely dread the day the grow up & move away! :{

I love your fireplace screen. You did a great job on the monogram. I have an idea for you that you may or may not like......What about painting the fireplace bricks and the mantel white!? That would totally brighten the area :) Whatcha think?


Millie said...

Your plant is tradescantia, or sometimes called "Moses in the Bulrushes" and I can see why. I have it my garden, but it is a little invasive, so I keep it to a minimum.
I like the picture above your fireplace.

jen said...

Thanks for stopping by today!
This will be my 2nd set of forks/spoons..My grandmother gave me a metal set that is a horribly ugly yellow color that shes had for about 40
I love the screen..I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed!

Jane said...

I love your fireplace cover, you've done a great job on it and the touch of pink and flowers in your kitchen added a springy look. I love it.

Hope the sun shine tomorrow :) Lord bless!

Rhonda said...

Hi Cindy
that rose fabric on your table is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
I like your fireplace screen and the fact that you stenciled it even better. Also, such a pretty tablecloth. I hope you get your sunshine tomorrow. We are expecting thunderstorms but can't complain as we had sun and hot today.


La Maison Reid said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks so much for the sweet comments about my corbels and burlap. Don't you let that lady in the fabric store sway you from what you want to do. They seem an unhappy bunch as a whole those women. I cut fabric while I was in high school and we sure were a lot nicer to our customers than they are today. We had loads of fun.

As for the burlap, I bought a huge bolt of it last year for a table cloth which I have yet to make. If you'd like to make a burlap pillow I did a tutorial (ha...ME? teaching someone how to do something...what a hoot) here:
It took about an hour from start to finish and I was so happy with it. I may add some scrolls or something later. I have also been reading that you can print your word or graphic right onto iron-on transfer paper and make the whole job easier. I live quite far from town so when I wanted to make mine I didn't want to waste time driving...hence the stencil as I had acrylic paint but not transfer paper. I'm sending my "Paris" graphic in case you want to try making a pillow.
Have fun...let me know what you do with your burlap!
Oops...couldn't find your email but if you send it to me I'll send you the two graphics for stencil or iron-on if you would like!

La Maison Reid said... husband says he's pretty sure the flower is "Tradescantia" or "spider wort" or "snot weed" ha! what a name!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cindy!
I have been away and busy and am just now catching up with your blog! Beautiful down to every detail. Looks like you have been busy :) I really enjoy looking at all of your pictures.
Love you and miss you lots!