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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is the Day!

...That the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be GLAD in it!

We are enjoying another beautiful, sunny day, here in Manitoba.

Our streets are lined with these lovely mature trees, it's one of the reasons I love living here so much.

I am going for a walk, so you can come along with me as I walk through my neighborhood.


I love all of the trees!

Here we catch a glimpse of the Red River that is flowing very lazily through the lovely park.

A better view of it.  Now I must RUN, before the mosquitoes carry me away.

Bird baths make such a pretty picture.

The Dragon Flies are out in full force today, I hope they are eating the mosquitoes.  I have never seen so many, at least not since I left Northern B.C..

Ah yes, a lovely view of this fellow.  He sat on the metal fence post for the longest time, just posing so perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with me.  Thanks so much for stopping by, be sure to leave a comment to let me know you were here.

I am joining Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday, there are always some great photos to be seen on these blogs.   

Until next time,


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cindy, that was a lovely walk! I always enjoy seeing Canada through your eyes. Sorry you risked being eaten by mosquitoes to get those shots for us. I was eaten the other day when I attempted to tablescape outside. It must be the year for them... let's hope not! ;-)

Happy Outdoor Wed. to you...


Sheila :-)

Bethany said...

How fun was that? I might just steal that idea for my family blog. My family back in Maine would love it!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

Beautiful! I am thankful for another day to serve Him! Missed you my friend. Going on a trip so I'll catch up when we return. Take care!

Hood Photo Blog said...

Beautiful photos and neighborhood!

RicKaren said...

Beautiful! I enjoyed walking with you! :)

Wendy said...

Thanks, now I don't feel like I missed todays walk! hehe.

Wendy said...

Forgot what day it is...I mean *tomorrow's* walk!

Brittany said...

Beautiful pics!

Spiderdama said...

Wonderful post and photos!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lindz said...

very nice cool shots, very summery, you're lucky, we have rains down under

Rhonda said...

beautiful neighborhood!
there is a tree-lined street in my town similar to yours, and I always feel like I traveled back to the 1950s when I drive on it.
amen to rejoicing in this day.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous area you live in. It was finally nice here today too, sunny skies and milder temps.

And by the way, I am keeping the longer curtains in my kitchen. They just make me happy:)


Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the walk. Thanks. I love the way everything is so GREEN. SO very beautiful.
xoxo ue

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

What a fabulous tour you took us on through the magic of the computer....lovely, lovely scenes!!

Thanks for popping by yesterday, I'm trying to catch up with all my visitors this morning. The baby turtle release was a grand success...I'll have photos of this event next week on my blog.

Amy said...

Lovely walk. Beautiful! The dragonfly is so lovely. I hope you didn't get eaten by the mosquitoes. My kids are all eaten up by mosquitoes--but I think they're the state "bird" of Georgia!

RyHeAnNe said...

Thanks for the compliment :) You have a nice place, so fresh looking and I am sure it is especially the air. I seldom find a trees around us here unless we travel on the national road.

Carolyn S. said...

I love the iron fence....and I really want a bird bath for my own yard...the trees are pretty...old established neighborhoods are so picturesque...=O)


Kathleen said...

Looks like you live in a beautiful place. The pics of the dragonflies are amazing. Happy OW.