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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Climbing Mount Baker

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday post.  If you love the outdoors, go over to A Southern Daydreamer and see who else is posting outdoor photos.

While on our vacation this summer to the state of Washington, we had the distinct pleasure of getting close to Mount Baker.  Everywhere that you drive around Whatcom County and even places in BC, you get glimpses of this glorious mountain, that has snow on it year round.  It is the third highest mountain in Washington and is 10, 778 feet high.  It is a volcano and is part of the North Cascade Mountain Range.  So being this close to it was very exciting!  Without any further ado, here it is, our trip with our daughter, son-in-law and two young grandchildren as we climb Mt. Baker.

My son-in-law and grand-loves.
And I can't forget the snow photos.

 And here's my granddaughter and I, having the time of our lives.

This is what it looks like from further away.
My daughter and her family go hiking quite often, so this small climb was nothing for the children, they loved every minute of it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our little excursion and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.


More Autumn Inspiration

What a gorgeous Autumn day we have before us!  The sky is blue, the sun is shining brightly and the leaves are turning very quickly!  All of the orange, yellow and red outside of my windows is really putting me in a decorating mood.  I want to see more Autumn decorating inspiration, how about YOU?  My laptop was giving me a very hard time yesterday, so I was not able to show you these images.

I have no idea where I found those, if they are yours please forgive me.  They are great, though, aren't they.

Nell's Hill

Nell's Hill

For more inspiration, I found that Cottage Instincts had a blog party yesterday and there were many people weighing in with some lovely Autumn decor.

Now I have a question for you Interior Designers out there.
The interior of our church needs repainting.  Here's what we have to work with.  The floor is a blue/grey carpeting. The window toppers are fairly new and they are a maroon.  The chairs on the platform are also new and they are a maroon with a bit of beige and gold in them.  The pads on the pews are red.  The upper part of the walls in this room is white and will remain white.  The lower part is old wood paneling with a trim above it and the windows are wood trim. 
One idea that was submitted was to paint the lower part (which is all we will be painting) an almond white.  Another idea was to paint it a beige.  I was wondering if we should try to match it to the carpet and go with a very, very light shade of blue/grey.  I thought that would update it more than anything else.  But what should the trim around the windows be and how about the trim right above the paneling.  Any opinions are welcome.

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful, sunny day!



Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Decor Inspiration

Are you like me and you need inspiration when considering changes in your home decor for Fall?
Today while looking through my inspiration file I came upon these.  I hope they are a help to you.

Canadian Home and Country

Canadian Home and Country

Nell's Hill

Nell's Hill
Sometimes all I need is a little bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing again, I think I'm ready to continue, how about you?  Where do you get inspiration?
Some of these, I collected three or more years ago, but I love them still.
Have a lovely Fall day,


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quiet Bay

My husband took this photo while on a skiff out on the water, looking back at Shearwater, BC

Looking the other direction across the bay.
A magical time for taking photos, just as the sun has gone down.

Click on the photos to make them larger.

For more great photos go to Watery Wednesday, and thanks for visiting.

 Have a lovely day!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Ready for Autumn

Happy Monday!  I hope your day is going well!  I am so glad you have stopped in for a visit.  I am excited about decorating for Autumn.  With soft yellow walls, as a background, I am able to use all of the Autumn colors. 

Today I am joining a sweet little meme over at House in the Roses.  Go over and see others show off their cottages.


The leaves aren't changing on most of the trees, they are just falling off, all dry and crunchy.  I love the sound of Autumn! 

I love the picture above my fireplace.  I found it last year at the GW store. At the bottom of the picture it says Autumn ~ Quebec on one side and Canadian Pacific on the other side. 

I love the old quilt on the back of my chair.  It's about 40 years old and was given to my family after our house burnt down by one of the families in our community.  It is made from scraps of clothing.  It's one of my treasures.

And, of course I had to add some Autumn color to my sideboard.  I know, some of it's not real  fruit, but sometimes you just have to cheat.  Right?

Enjoy the first day of Autumn tomorrow!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Enchanting Cottage

Hello, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful, sunny, Autumn day.

While on vacation this summer we went for a walk past the most enchanting little cottage I have ever seen in North America.

 I love the thatched roof, it is so quaint and so uncommon here in North America  The window boxes are all done so nicely.  I love the trailing plant in those.

Isn't the stonework gorgeous?  Another very unusual building material here in this area.
Can you see the little wagon on the porch there?  So cute.
  Unfortunately, I only had my telephoto lens with me that day, so the photos are all very close-up and I wasn't able to get the whole cottage into one photo.  Aren't the gardens surrounding it just as sweet as the house itself?  Whoever lives there must feel like they are living in a fairy tale, because enchantment is what fairy tales are composed of, isn't it?

Here's wishing you all a beautiful, sunny weekend!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Welcome to my Watery Wednesday post.  I love the oceans, rivers, lakes and even ponds and I enjoy taking photos of all of them.  This week I am featuring photos that I took while in the state of Washington recently.
The kiddos had such fun climbing this old tree trunk that was washed up on the beach.

Doesn't it look great in photos?

I was born on the beautiful West coast, perhaps that is where my love affair began with the ocean.  When I am near the water I cannot get enough of it.

My grandson had a wonderful time just looking for rocks and throwing them into the water.
We didn't even hear, "I'm hungry and I'm thirsty," every five minutes.

Good-bye fair coast, I love you so.

I am joining Watery Wednesday, if you love photos of water from around the world, check out this very popular meme!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Loving Vintage

I have always had a special love for time-worn, well-loved items.  In other words vintage items.  Do you happen to know what makes an item vintage?  I have read that it needs to be at least 25 years old to be considered vintage, but I have also read that different items are considered vintage at different times. 
Today, while rearranging a few pieces of furniture and accessories, I realized that I have collected quite a few old pieces of furniture and items.  Not sure if they are vintage, but they are all most certainly over 25 years of age.

Here are a few of them.

I had this old tray outside, where it was rusting nicely, I think it looks much better now with just a touch of rust.  (Not sure if you can see it in the photo or not.)  It looks pretty well used, and I love it.  The Siamese cats and kitten, in the background, are quite possibly vintage.

An old tin with it's lid and my husband's first camera.  (He still loves taking photos.)

The armoire was in my little office, but I needed the room in there, so I switched it with the bookcase that was here.  (I will show you where I put it at a later date.)  I am loving the Canada Bread box up on the armoire!  That is one of my favorite items, my neighbor found it at a Thrift Store and sold it to me for $20.  It has wooden slats on the bottom of it.

And of course, an old flour tin for my flowers!

I love my old chest of drawers with the old clock on it, along with the leather train case and a turquoise jar that I found in Washington state while snooping around an Antique store.

Do you enjoy vintage items?  Do you enjoy surrounding yourself with them?  I know some of you do, because I have seen them.

I am joining Three or More over at The Gypsy's Corner.  Go over and take a look at some great Fall decorating and more.

Happy Tuesday to all,


Friday, September 10, 2010

An Anniversary and A Lemonade Stand

I found the sweetest quote over at Peeking Thru the Sunflowers. (A very nice blog, btw)

 Here it is:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.-----Anonymous

I immediately thought of my husband, his love has given me the strength to be the person that I am so glad to be today.  On Tuesday we celebrated 20 years of marriage.  We were on the road heading home from holidaying on the the West Coast.  We had a lovely and DeLiCiOuS breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Bismarck, ND and started on our Eastward trek, making it home by 6:30 that evening.  I am so grateful to God for giving me the perfect man for me. 
I thank the Lord for him every day!

(Flowers from my sweetheart in a vintage flour tin)
Now for the Lemonade stand, have you ever helped a little girl with one?  It was a blast, I had such fun and she did too.  I had to laugh at how happy she was every time money was dropped into her money box.  Bethany is such a delightful child, with a huge imagination and an equally huge zest for life.

She made nearly $6.00 and boy was she excited!  It was a very fun day.
I loved being a mother, but being a grandmother is even better, I think.

While his sister loved having her picture taken, Nate did not.

By the third photo he was upset with me.

Have a wonderful weekend all, talk to you next week!