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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holly Jolly Decorating Fun!

Winter descended upon us last Friday and since then we have received about ten inches of the delightful white stuff!  With more coming tomorrow!  It was minus 15 Celsius when I woke up this morning and it is only up to minus 13 now, at 11 am.  For my lovely American friends, that translates to eight degrees Fahrenheit.  It is chilly!!!  Not cold, just chilly.  It will be minus 40 at some point this Winter and then we can say that it's COLD!

Snow always somehow brings the Christmas spirit with it, don't you think?
I have put my Christmas village in the kitchen this year above my sideboard.

I am joining The Gypsy's Corner today for Three Or More.  This is a great place to find recipes, Christmas decor and so much more today.  Thanks to Tam for hosting it.

I'm looking forward to my grandchildren coming over, they always love to see my Christmas village displayed.

This will be my first Christmas in 33 years that I have not been with one of my children for Christmas.  My two kids are getting together this year.  My son is driving his family out to the state of Washington to have Christmas with my daughter and her family.  My two step-daughters live on the West coast of BC and they will be together.
 It is going to be very different around here.  But, I will not let it dampen my spirits, I love the joy and serenity that envelopes us at this time of year and nothing will destroy that for me. 
My peace comes from my relationship with God, not from circumstances.

So if everything is not as you would like it to be, I truly hope that you are able to step back from what's happening and find joy in the Christmas Season. 
Jesus is the Reason for the Season
and he's the reason that I have Peace and Joy in my life all year round.

Love and Hugs,



Pamela Gordon said...

Cindy, I love your vintage kitchen! Your Christmas village looks beautiful there. I understand how you feel about Christmas without your children at home as we have experienced that before. Jesus can give us the peace and joy in every situation. Thanks for sharing from your heart. Blessings to you.

Susannah said...

I love all the pinecones! Great decorating! Thanks for following my blog :)

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

love your kitchen ~ beautiful decorating. Chilly indeed ~ we're having similar temps ~ just not as much snow. Hope you have a Joyous Thanksgiving

Carol said...

Yes, God is our Source of all good things. Joy, peace, love and most of all, the blessing of intimacy with Him.
No wonder your grandchildren love seeing your Christmas village displayed. It is enchanting!
In fact, your kitchen is wonderful. Love it.
God bless your Thanksgiving.

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

I can't imagine snow. It's so hot here in GA today. You have been a busy lady with all that decorating and it is just gorgeous! I love the village display in your new kitchen space. Wish you could come decorate for me!
Sorry you are not getting to be with your kids on Christmas. That's a bummer. But you have a positive outlook so I know you'll be alright. It's kind of how I feel about our Thanksgiving. Too much to be grateful for to sit around and be sad. Love you bunches!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Cindy,
Your Christmas village is lovely in your kitchen. We have one too! I put two of the villages on top of my tea cup hutch and others are in our office waiting for Gary to set the lighting guy has lots of (Gary-dos)LOL, I call them Gary dos instead of Honey dos.
I love your kitchen so really is pretty..
I'm sorry the hole family won't be together this year..It's hard sharing our kids, since my oldest daughter is divorced we have to share the kids with their Dad's family so we never know what day of the holiday we will have them.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

Rhonda said...

Dear Cindy
I knew I would see some pretty photos here but did not know you would have just the advice that speaks to my heart.

bless you and thank you

Wendy said...

Your place looks beautiful, as always :)

Blue Creek Home said...

Hi Cindy,
I am so glad that you came over for a visit.
We were at 74 degrees today - spent the day at the zoo yesterday and was peeling off layers!!! I am ready for cold weather for sure.

I adore your cottage display - so pretty and cozy!

Happy Thanksgiving

Catherine said...

I LOVE Christmas Villages. The Robear is a Christmas Village fanatic and ever since we were kids there has been a Christmas Village somewhere in the house. I love your display. Happy cold Weather.

--Catherine from

Carolyn said...

Hi Cindy,
Your village looks perfect in your cozy kitchen-I am sure the grandchildren will love it.
I was putting up my village today. We did get snow on the weekend but rain for next two days I think.
I am sure you will be thinking of your children at Christmas but you have a very positive attitude.
Blessings to you,


nannykim said...

Actually I think it would be very romantic not to have the kids home...someday that may happen to us.....It surely would be different!! I love the way you have displayed the Christmas homes.

Nancy said...

I love that statement, "My peace comes with my relationship with God, not circumstances". I admire your faith and attitude!

Your village looks sweet up there above the sideboard! I'm not doing a lot of decorating, but it's still fun to do some, especially when it's chilly outside!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Robin said...

I love your Holly Jolly Decorations! Your village looks so sweet and your bowl of pinecones have me kicking myself for not picking any up yet!

Shabby soul said...

Draling Cindy I red all your post and I liked it so much! Brrr, already so cold?!I'm your follower now.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

Caroline said...

He is the reason of ouer joy and peace!!

I would love to have some snow.. last year we had since years some. On the other hand it was really cold and over here there is often a quite heavy wind.. so on the christmas market it was almost al the time realy freazen.

Have a good day and as soon as I got some more time I will write again. It seems to us that december is the working month for the kingdom of god .. so peopel are open in there sprits because of the special time.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Cindy,

How I'd love snow at Christmastime. I've never seen it at this time of year. If we get any snow, it's later on in the winter.

I hope you have a lovely time with all the gorgeous sparkly snow!!


Jane said...

Your christmas village looks nice in your kitchen.
May you still have a delightful and wonderful Christmas this year even without your children at home with you. It may be far but closer in hearts.
Blessings and hugs!
Sis. Jane

Ana said...

Well said my dear friend. Sending you warm wishes.

Hugs and Kisses,

Love your Christmas village.