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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~How to Have a Good Day~

How to have a good day...

wake up early (after getting at least 8 hours of sleep)

get ready for your day, slowly

have a nutritious breakfast

take time to pray and reflect

take a 30 minute brisk walk

sing in the shower

focus on the good things of God


be kind and friendly to others

be grateful, positive and joyful

see your work as a privilege (remember the folks who are out of work)

think positive and happy thoughts

ask for things sweetly, with a smile


praise some one's efforts

overlook small mistakes

eat a light nutritious lunch

 breathe deeply

take a break, relax

leave all your work at work

smile sweetly

let tomorrow take care of itself

be flexible and thoughtful

eat a delicious, homemade, nutritious meal

hug your kids (if you are so blessed as to have any)

go to bed with happy thoughts and a smile on your face.

Php 4:8 Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious--the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. (The Message Bible)

Today I am joining "The Gypsy's Corner" for Three or More.

I have moved the picture of the bird and put a small wooden plaque there that reads, "Feder Mensch hat seinen" and it has a small bird on it.  I'm guessing the words are German.  Caroline, if you are reading this would you be so kind as to translate that for me?  Thanks so much.  Caroline is a new friend that I have recently met through my blog.  She lives in Germany and runs a lovely shop from her home and has a sweet blog, simply called Caro&Line.  Go over and check it out.

I hope you have enjoyed my three things and my suggestions for having a good day, now go have a really GOOD day.

Love and hugs,

PS  About the cobbler yesterday, I made it for a huge potluck that a friend in our church had.  It went quickly and I did not eat one bite of it.  That took self-control, my friends, because I LOVE Chocolate Cobbler!  In case you missed that recipe, it is HERE.


Tammy said...

I want that list to hang in my closet. Reading it would be a great way to start the day! I was noting all the things I failed to do today but I did get some of them!
Lovely 3 things you posted. You're like me, always making little changes. Keeps life sweet.
I should have known that cobbler was for someone else! You're so kind. I bet it was a hit!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Lovely posting! Now...I need to copy that recipe. Thank you for sharing!

Robin said...

I really enjoyed this post - - Thanks!

Nancy said...

Such a sweet post and it's so fitting coming from you. I can always feel a sense of gratefulness, sweetness, love, etc. in your words. You're a happy person and it shows! Thanks for the post today!


Wendy said...

Very cute. I try to do these things, but usually by the time I get to the third thing, the kids don't care about all this peace I'm trying to create for myself. They want FOOD hehe.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, I'm in love with the wire birdcage in this post. SO cute as are all of your birds.

And I agree with every word of that "How To Have A Good Day." SO true. Now I need to work on the eight hours of sleep which seems harder to get these days.


Sheila :-)

E W McCall said...

love you and love your list!!!

i am thinking i need to try that cobbler for thanksgiving with tim's family this year!

On Crooked Creek said...

Thanks for stopping by today!
Yes, after 41 years of marriage to "Mr. Ed", I've developed a "unique style of humor"! He is the 'love of my life'! I grew up reading colomunist Ann Landers and Erma Bombeck. Members of my Chancel Choir encouraged me to do more with my creative writing.. .
so I began blogging this August! Stop by again soon, dear! There's never a dull moment On Crooked Creek!

Caroline said...

So by now I know what smidgen means ;-)

thank you for writing about me in youre Blog!!

"Feder Mensch hat seinen" makes not much sense. But maby ist says "Jeder Mensch hat seinen" and means "Evereybody got his" his bird maby? But when somebody sais in german "you got a bird" doesent make sense in english, it means, to have a tick. Hm I will ask a Lady in ouer church she is translater ;-) how you translate "having a bird".

ok next time maybe more explane.

Have a great day.. oh sorry I think you will almost go to bed.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Beth Moore studies are great. We watch a dvd or video each week of her teaching and go over the lesson we worked on through the week. There are workbooks to go with the study. We usually borrow the dvd's from other churches in the city that are willing to share but sometimes buy one. I like your "How to have a good day" rules. Excellent!
Blessings, Pamela

Ana said...

What a beauitful post Cindy...Will definitely be thinking about it all day :-) Thank you my friend.

Much love,