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Monday, December 13, 2010

What's happening in my kitchen?

Oh my, it is a MESS! 

I hope the little Christmas baking elves clean up after themselves!
The clean-up is what I dislike about baking and cooking, but the process and the product ~ I love!!!

As you can see this recipe came from Funky Junk Interiors, a wonderful Canadian gal with an amazing blog.  If you like do-it-yourself blogs, you will love hers.  Plus, she has many great blogging tips as well, on her sidebar.  With her help I have made commenting here easier for you.

COOKS.COM is my favorite cooking site, I have used many of their recipes with good results.

Now to ice my sugar cookies, then I can begin to clean up this mess.  Ahhh, it's so fun making a mess!

I hope your day is sunny and bright and you are getting into the Christmas Spirit!  Be careful not to let it run you over, relax, enjoy and most of all be merry~  You can really see how the sun is shining into my kitchen in the next photo.

Hugs, Cindy

PS  I can't believe I showed you my messy kitchen today, but there it is.  Promise you won't tell?



Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

I feel privileged to view your "messy" kitchen, hehe. It is beautiful, messy or not. I was hoping to see some of those iced cookies! Better yet, I'd like to taste one. Yummy!

Pauline said...

Dear Cindy, I used to have a little cross-stitch plaque that says,'Blesse This Mess', lol! Your kitchen looks just fine; it's a working kitchen, not just a show-piece :o) Yum yum. I like that big cake mixer too. Stay warm, dear friend.

Shabby soul said...

Darling Cindy I like cooking (and cookies!!) too!
In the next days I'll have to prepare a lot of things (cookies, marmelade ecc) because this year I decided to give only presents made by me.
I like your kitcken: kitcken is the place where generous people spend a lot of their time and you do it!
This week I'll make my first giveaway: don't forget to partecipate!!!!
Have a good day my friend

Betty said...

Your kitchen looks just how it should look. I can just imagine the lovely aroma in the air. Your blog always helps to make my day sunny and bright. Thankyou Cindy.

Jane said...

Your kitchen still looks beautiful than messy :) and i can smell your sugar cookies from here lol...:) I love your banner up there and your christmas decors are all pretty!

Have a great day! Lord bless and hugs.

Sharon said...

I love to see a working kitchen and not just a show piece! Though your kitchen stills looks good even during the work! :)

Robin said...

Ha! I sure could use a few cleaning elves at my house. The cookies look tasty - do you take orders? LOL

Pamela Gordon said...

Cindy, I love your messy kitchen! It's a sign of something creative and delicious going on right? Your cookies look yummy. I also enjoy Funky Junk Interiors blog! She has so many great ideas doesn't she? Thanks for sharing your nice, messy, delicious smelling (I'm sure) kitchen. Blessings,

Ana said...

Yummy...I do love sugar cookies, but I can never seem to get them just right and I know it's not the's the baker...hee, hee, hee. Sending you tons of warm hugs.

Much love,

Wendy said...

What's the point of having a kitchen if it never gets messy!! Looks like you're having a great time making yummies :) I made sugar cookies too, but had the kids decorate them. It's a tradition now :)

Greet said...


I really love your "messy" kitchen! So charming!
And I wished I could taste your cookies!!