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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Furry Friend

Good Morning!  I love this sign, I need to have it in my kitchen.  Today, instead of a third cup of coffee, though, I decided to have a Chai Tea smoothie.
This is what I did.

1 chai teabag, put it in a glass measuring cup or heavy mug in the microwave with a tablespoon of brown sugar and a half cup of water, microwave for three minutes, let sit for ten minutes and brew.

Take the teabag out and put the brewed tea with a cup of crushed ice in blender with 1 cup milk.

Blend on high or if you have a Ice Crush feature like my Cuisinart has, blend it until it turns real smooth and you no longer hear the blades hitting ice.  You want all of the ice completely crushed.  It should be real smooth by this time.  If this is not sweet enough I will add Splenda to it until it is sweet enough.

Pour into a large glass, grab a straw, go outside, sit in a comfortable place and Enjoy!

I love Chai Tea and on a warm day this is very refreshing!

Meet Baxter, he is our neighbors dog and he's such a sweetheart.  He comes over to visit whenever he is let out, we enjoy him so much.

He is a pure bred Bichon Frise and has the sweetest personality.

He particularly loves cookies, so I had to say "do you want a cookie", for him to look at me long enough to get a good photo.

I hope your Tuesday is going well and you are enjoying some sunshine!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Great Curb Find

Happy Monday to all of you, I' m so glad you have stopped by.
I've got some new junk to show you!!! 
And this time it was my sweet hubby who brought home a great curb find.

This isn't the first time, he brought home the trunk the can be seen behind it, too.  That was a few years ago.

I made this sign this week to sell at our Family Camp.  We raise money to help pay for our Ladies Retreat in the Spring.  So I made this sign and the one below this week, as well as the burlap table runner with the double ruffle.  I certainly hope they sell.

That's all I have to show and tell you about today. 

Have a wonderful day and a beautiful weekend!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Feathering My Nest

A good Thursday to you!!!
Today I am joining Jo over at Secret Garden Cottage.  She has a lovely blog that is so worthy of a long look. 

I am still playing around in the kitchen.  If you saw my header, you will know that pink has established itself quite nicely here. 

I made a sign for my hubby for Father's Day, I have put it on the wall above the stairs that lead down to his office where, by the way, he has LOTS of books.  He was thrilled with it!

Oh dear, you can see the unfinished places on the wall at the bottom of the photo.  That should be our next project, I suppose.

One more photo of my kitchen and then on to another topic.

On Tuesday I was sitting on my back porch painting the sign that I just showed you and suddenly a hawk flew into the backyard and alighted on the bushes.  There are usually dozens of birds in the bushes, but at the moment there were none.  He sat for several seconds, no doubt saw me and decided to leave.  But what a thrill to see a hawk.  He had very large eyes and I could feel him looking at me!  This is not my photo, but rather one that I found on the Internet.  I have never seen a hawk, outside of a zoo. 

Thank you for stopping by, be sure to leave me a comment and be sure to visit the Feather Your Nest Thursdays at  Secret Garden Cottage.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lockport and Winnipeg Beach

Welcome, I'm so glad you have stopped in today.  

Sunday, being Father's Day, my husband grabbed his camera and we went for a drive.  First we stopped at Tim Horton's for a Cold Stone Creamery delectable ice cream dessert, (it was Father's Day after all. 8-).  Then we headed north.  First stop was Lockport, which I have posted about several times before.  We can never get enough of the American Pelicans, they are so fun to watch.
These first four photos are taken in Lockport, where there is a dam and locks for boats, on the Red River here in Manitoba.  The scenery is so pretty.  Note four photos down, our Canadian flag, I love photos of it.

In June 1903, the first Winnipeg Beach train brought up vacationers to their new summer paradise. By 1912, 10 trains took 40,000 vacationers to the beach each weekend. There was a 7:20 train that used to take the daddies into work and the some train would come back out at. It was called the 5:20. It would arrive on the beaches on the West Side around 7:00 at night, just in time for them to have a swim and a drink before dinner." "Then there was the other train known as the moonlight special. There was a moonlight special on both sides of the lake Saturday train that left Winnipeg about 6:00 at night. It was for the party goers, the people that would come up to use the big dance pavilions at both Winnipeg Beach and Grand Beach. It would leave at midnight. It would blow its whistle at 12:45 to tell everybody to get to the train station because if you missed it you were on the beach until the next morning because there was no other train coming back out."  This is still a cottagers dream, although passenger trains no longer run into the area.
The above was taken from the Winnipeg Beach website, I thought you might enjoy a bit of a history of the area.   

Winnipeg Beach is about a forty-five minute drive outside of Winnipeg and it is situated on the South Western edge of  Lake Winnipeg.  The lake is a 9500 square mile body of water.  When you are there, you can't see a shore on the other side, as the last photo shows you.  On Sunday there was virtually nobody on the beach but ourselves and an occasional passersby.  Lake Winnipeg is surrounded by sandy beaches and many small settlements.
Be sure to go over to A Southern Daydreamer and check out more lovely scenery photos.  I am also joining Watery Wednesday for more fun and great photos of water scenes.  There is always so much to see at these two memes.

Have a beautiful day!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Changes

Hello!  I'm so glad you have stopped by today, how is your day going so far?

I have been busy working on crafts this week, but I wanted to show you a few changes I have made that make my  home feel more summery.
I pulled out of storage the fireplace cover that I got at Value Village last year and had so much fun monogramming.  I love this project.  I think it turned out quite well.  I haven't done much with my  mantel, perhaps I could lighten it up a bit more.  It is such a dark hole in the living room, sometimes I despair of knowing what to do with it. 
In a continuing effort to add pink to my kitchen I put this light green tablecloth with pink roses on it on the kitchen table.  The strange purple flowers with the horizontal growing leaves and the petunias are from my garden.  Anyone know what the purple flower is called?  It's a perennial, that's all I know about it.

Have a beautiful Tuesday, I really hope yours is sunshiny!!  Mine isn't, but the weather bureau is promising sun tomorrow.  I sure hope they are right, because today all I want to do is go to sleep.  
So I will sign off now and go for a nap...wait a minute, I mean go for a WALK!

I am joining The Gypsy's Corner for Three or More Tuesday.  Pop over there for a minute and check out the others who have joined the party.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feather Your Nest Thursday

Welcome, I'm so glad you have stopped by today.

Today I'm joining a brand new meme over at Secret Garden Cottage.  It's called Feather Your Nest Thursday.  And if you know me, at all, I am all about women Feathering their Nests. 
So today I have added a bit of pink to my yellow and white kitchen.  Soft shades of pink and yellow are so very cottagey.  I love them together.  My first peony to bloom, I just had to cut it and bring it into the house.  I love peonies and I have about six of them!

I love this old plate that my son gave me last year for Mother's Day, and yes, it's pink.

Pink on the sideboard, in the glass container there.  See it?  And on the little vintage towel hanging on the door.

No pink here, but our house finally got it's final coat of paint and we are so loving the color of it.  It reminds me of pale celery, very cottagey, I think.  It's kind of hiding behind the tree there.

Thank you for stopping by for a look at how I am feathering my nest.  Please go over to see how Jojeana at Secret Cottage Garden is feathering her nest, as well as the others who have joined the party.  Oh and take a look at Jojeana's cottage, it is so sweet, I love everything that she has done there.

The weather here is very stormy again today, this storm blew up from Montana.  Don't storms know they aren't supposed to cross International borders?  I'm just kidding, it would be nice, though, if the storms would stop at the border, then we could enjoy some summer weather for a while.

Hope you are enjoying your day,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is the Day!

...That the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be GLAD in it!

We are enjoying another beautiful, sunny day, here in Manitoba.

Our streets are lined with these lovely mature trees, it's one of the reasons I love living here so much.

I am going for a walk, so you can come along with me as I walk through my neighborhood.


I love all of the trees!

Here we catch a glimpse of the Red River that is flowing very lazily through the lovely park.

A better view of it.  Now I must RUN, before the mosquitoes carry me away.

Bird baths make such a pretty picture.

The Dragon Flies are out in full force today, I hope they are eating the mosquitoes.  I have never seen so many, at least not since I left Northern B.C..

Ah yes, a lovely view of this fellow.  He sat on the metal fence post for the longest time, just posing so perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with me.  Thanks so much for stopping by, be sure to leave a comment to let me know you were here.

I am joining Watery Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday, there are always some great photos to be seen on these blogs.   

Until next time,

Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm cleaning my bedroom today, fluffing my nest!
I would love to paint my headboard. I think it would be so pretty in white or a light grey, maybe.
I'm being real here, showing you the good, bad and the ugly.

These are the pillow cases that I found at Value Village, brand new $5.99.
I gave one set away for my give away and kept one set for myself.

I found the little feather pillow for $4.99 at Value Village.

The painting was given to me by my friend Diane, on the West Coast.
Thank you for stopping by, be sure to leave me a comment and have a wonderful day!