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Monday, January 31, 2011

Light and Bright Country Kitchen

Good Monday Morning, my friends!
We are enjoying another cold day!  It's to be expected though, so I am really enjoying it.  Unlike all of you people who are featuring gardens and summer colors, so sorry, but I LoVe Winter.

Last Friday I showed you a couple of kitchens, most did not care for the Log House kitchen.  I loved the collections that the homeowner had, but like you, I really need light and bright around me or else I feel like I am in a cave.  If that was my kitchen, this is what I would do with it.  I would paint it this creamy white color, the beams as well as the walls.  These are from  The Busy Bee

 Wouldn't that make a big difference?

  So...I want to show you Sarah's kitchen.  Sarah lives in Great Britain and she and her hubby have done a makeover on her kitchen, mainly with paint.  Never underestimate the power of paint!

Go over to Modern Country Style to see more of Sarah's kitchen and you can find lots of country kitchens there, too.  She's been looking at them because her kitchen is soon to be in for a huge makeover.  
Before:  Her egg yolk kitchen.

The After

I love this because Sarah proves to us that a great deal of change can be accomplished on a small budget.  Most of the people that I know cannot consider taking out a loan to redo their kitchen.  Paint, a few changes  here and there and some pretty accessories really can make a huge difference.

She tells you what colors she used and all.  Thanks so much Sarah, for letting me use your photos. 

I wish you all a happy day and I will talk to you again on Wednesday when I will have a few more outdoor photos.  Thanks again for all of your lovely comments on them.



Shabby soul said...

I like it, so really warm and bright!
I DO agree with you, colors can completly (and chippy) change a home, a did that and really white and pale colors add a lot of light: my daughter bedroom is creamy, the rest turned all white (from yellow and orange).
Much better! :)
Have a nice day darling

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Now, that is an adorable house and kitchen! Thanks for sharing this, Cindy. I'm looking at ideas so I can change up our kitchen. It's long overdue for a makeover. :-)



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi gorgeous girlie,

Well, isn't your blog looking especially snazzy today!!! ;-) Yes, hilarious, I know!

Thank you so much for featuring our kitchen. The first posts on the kitchen are back in about July, I think....but I whizzed through its redesign in the twinkling of an eye and lots of people started emailing about I decided the best thing to do would be to do a whole series about doing up a kitchen.

I hope that explains a bit why the kitchen series comes after a couploe of the kitchen reveal posts!!!

Or have I totally confused you!?

Either way, thank you. You're a star.


Gracefully Vintage said...

Just Beautiful.. As im re-decorating my living room- I love seeing others- and love the colors you choose-as they are similar to mine..Great Blog-happy new follower

Cant wait to see more

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

I prefer cherry wood cabinetry in a kitchen, but I love white also...either way good lighting is a must...don't care for a dungeon kitchen! Love seeing your kitchen pix...always fun seeing what others have done and are doing! See ya Sweetie

Pauline said...

Great transformation, Cindy. My kind of shades too :o)

Unknown said...

I've convinced my husband to let me paint our kitchen cupboards white this spring/summer. And hopefully the trim everywhere white, including the banister going upstairs. We want to re-do our kitchen someday but until we get the money, painting the cupboard doors and new hardware will be my cheap solution to update. :) I loved all these photos, showed me what my banister and railing will look like white.

Unknown said...

Oh, wow. Those pics are great! That kitchen is amazing. You're so right; paint can make such a huge difference!

I hope you're keeping warm up there! We're having a bit of a storm right now. I hope it doesn't amount to much.


Teena in Toronto said...

It all looks so cozy.

Joanne said...

Sarah's kitchen is so british'ly brilliant!
I don't think that is a word, but sure love it!
So perfect!
Thank you for this much fun!

Shelia said...

Oh, I love Sarah's kitchen! I've been to her blog and watched her makeover. It's so sweet! I like light and bright and color thrown in too!
Stay warm.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Betty said...

What a difference a colour change makes. You have a great eye for colour Cindy. Wish you lived closer so you could advise me on some decorating ideas :) Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful scenery of winter.

Unknown said...

Is that a window seat I spy in the second photo? Lovely! And you know I'm a sucker for all of those pillows. Sarah's kitchen is adorable. Love it.

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

oops..the above comment is from me. Guess you know who's been on my computer! ;) Have a sweet day!

traci said...

i love the colors in sarahs new kitchen. the blue and white are gorgeous.

Helen said...

Oh that's me the Busy Bee!! and that's my cottage!!