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Friday, January 7, 2011

Something New and Something Old

Don't you love it when you get something old that is every bit as nice as anything new could ever be?
My sweet daughter-in-law and son gave me a Norman Rockwell Poster book for Christmas.  There are 20 posters in it and are 12 x 16 frame-able prints.  I have always loved Norman Rockwell and my d-i-l knows that, so when she saw it in a Thrift Store she knew it was just the thing for me.  And she was SO right!  Thanks, Maranetta and Greg!

This is so perfect for the Winter time and it is such a touching picture as well, as are most of Norman Rockwell's pictures.

Somebody finally got a good photo of my son and his family.  You can't tell by the photo, but they are are all tall.  Greg is about six foot two-inches and his wife is about five foot ten-inches.  I'm just over five feet tall, so I feel like a real shorty when I'm with them.  Even my grand kids, soon to be nine and ten will be taller than I am.

Now for something new.  I have been wanting a cloche for a long time and I have not seen one in any of the stores that I have been to.  But my friend Millie, of the blog Wreathmaker, happened to have one that she was kind enough to sell to me at cost.  Thank you so much, Millie.  She is a craft er, so she goes to North Dakota and Minnesota frequently.  The USA has a lot of things that we cannot find here in Canada.

It was so fun, putting it all together.  First came the vintage table runner and then a couple of old books, a vintage jar filled with white candles and white bird and candle holder with a red candle.  I filled the little glass dish with the glass lid with shells and rocks that we found on the beach in Washington state, so it's a vintage-nostalgic scene and I am loving it.

   One more thing before I am through today, while shopping at Homesense this week, I came across a bag of potato chips for sale, that came in a burlap bag.  I bought it, more for the burlap bag, although the chips were pretty yummy!
I put a plant inside of it and stuck it in my vintage planter that I painted white.  I think it looks pretty cute.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.  The snow is softly falling right now, but we are promised sunshine for the rest of the weekend.  I am enjoying the Winter weather, are you?




Jenifer said...

Beautiful. I just love your stuff. You have a lovely family.

Sweet Blessings~

RicKaren said...

YOur cloche looks beautiful, and I love your burlap bag as well!

Vintage Gal said...

Love the cloche and the burlap bag in your plant stand! Very cute ;-)

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Cindy,
Your blog is so interesting today. I love that your d-i-l gave you the Rockwell prints. Very thoughtful gift. I too have wanted a cloche and there are none to be found here as well. I love your new vignette - very pretty - is that an oak commode? And, did you know the Covered Bridge potato chips are from Hartland N.B., just about an hour and a half from me? The famous covered brdige is on the sack. I also have that sack and stuffed it to make a pillow (allbeit a scratchy one) for the family room sofa! We love those chips too. We've been reducing our sodium intake this past year and those chips have less sodium than Lay's Less Sodium brand!! I comparison shop a lot now. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings and hugs...

Millie said...

Hi Cindy...I love what you did with the cloche! ...and the Norman Rockwell prints are so nice....that was a great gift.

Linda said...

Fun post, Cindy! Love everything~ the cloche, the print, the burlap...all so pretty! Great photo of your family, too! I have tall kids, too...I'm 5'7" and they still call me little mama LOL!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Very cute post, Cindy. Loved seeing your sweet, TALL family and all of your fun things. That cloche looks adorable the way you did it (I love Millie who's such a sweetie!), and I like what you did with the burlap bag, too, and the Norman Rockwell print.


Sheila :-)

Gail said...

Cindy, such a lovely vignette you have created. I love your creativity with the cloche, the mason jar with candles (I'll have to remember that) and your creative use of the burlap bag. That was such a nice gift you received from your DIL. What a beautiful family you have.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day,

P.S. Jordan came home yesterday for 15 days! It was such a surpise and needless to say we were beside ourselves with joy just seeing him! He looks and is doing great!

Tammy@beatrice banks said...

This post is loaded with sweetness! From gifts, finds, vignettes to your family. Especially loving that cloche.
We had spring type weather yesterday. It was so nice. I'd love to see some snow though.
Have a great weekend!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh Cindy, I L-O-V-E your beautiful cloche. It's just exactly what I would choose if I saw it in a shop.



Shelia said...

Hi Cindy! What a sweet painting and I do love that pretty cloche. You have the most beautiful blog and I love that spot in your header in your kitchen! OOOH! I'd love to have something like that!
I'm your newest follower!!
Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pamela Gordon said...

Hello again Cindy :-)
The dresser is beautiful. A commode is a dresser of sorts, from days gone by, but smaller and houses the chamber pot, linens, etc. with the wash basin and pitcher on the top. I have an oak one the same colour as your dresser and use it as an end table in the living room.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Betty said...

Lovely to see your family Cindy. Looks like your grandchildren will be towering over you soon. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I love that artist too.
Your cloche display is beautiful. I can remember my grandma having two very large ones sitting on her piano, filled with artificial flowers.....not as appealing as yours.
Thanks for such lovely posts. Your creativity inspires me.

French-Kissed said...

Hi Cindy,

Adorable grandkids and a beautiful is good.


Shabby soul said...

Darling Cindy, what a lovely corner!
I like so much little bids and sea shells, and laces too.
Thank you darling friend for the sweet comments you always leave to my posts, they really make me sooo happy!!
I'm still working to my bedroom, I've only to adjust some detail, then I'll post.
Have a good day my darling friend

Rhonda said...

Hi Cindy
I'm also a Norman fan, he did the sweetest art. How nice that you have 20 prints that you can switch around if you choose too.

we are expecting our first snow of the season tomorrow.

Ana said...

Oh Cindy,
Everything looks beautiful...Love the new cloche. I just put all my Christmas decor away today and had no strength left for anything else...After working long hours over at my sisters I would get back home too late and too tired to do much, plus now I'm fighting a cold...I can't wait to redecorate my petite cottage...:-) Your home looks beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Much love,

Josefa Lunares said...

That pretty bell, here we call Cloche inSpain I have no but I would like to have one, the family photo is your son and your grandchildren? But if you're very young. I also liked the burlap sack of potatoes you use has been phenomenal. Bss Josefa.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I just wanted to add that I'm really impressed that your daughter-in-law bought you such a sweet and thoughtful present. I hope my m-i-l thinks as well of my presents to her!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

GF, You rock ! Love it all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family, Cindy.

I love Norman Rockwell's work. Each piece tells a story.

Your cloche is beautiful.

I am the short one in our family. Xanti passed me up when she was ten.

Teena in Toronto said...

Re snowshoes, I like mine. I like Gord's too. His were $90 and mine were $120. Canadian Tire only had one pair like Gord's and he got them ... plus they were too long for me (I need 25 inch and his are 30 inch). Apparently the sporting goods stores have a good supply we wanted them RIGHT NOW ... ha!

As for the gravestone, the Howards had donated the park to Toronto. Their house is still in the park and their gravestone is across the street from it.

Susan in SC said...

Rockwell and a cloche - 2 of my favorite things! Love your photos of your decorating. You really have a knack for that and it shows! Nice family photo!! I know you are proud of them!

Donnie said...

I love what you did with everything. I love the sweet humor in Norman Rockwell's work too. Potato chips in a burlap back. Now that's a greta day.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

My daughter is a fan of Norman Rockwell too! We gave her a book of his art work for Christmas.

Potato chips that come in a burlap bag - how wonderful is that! I haven't seen anything like that around here. I love how you've reused it! I also love your cloche display!


Greet said...

Hello my dear Cindy,
It is a while ago I visited you!! What a wonderful posts you did!! Your d-i-l is a sweetie, isn't she!!
Your cottage seems to be cosier and cosier with all these wonderful pieces of decoration! The chips burlap bag is just fabulous and you decorated the right way!
Cindy, your pictures of 2010 are fabulous!!!
It is always so nice to visit you, because I always feel a certain calmth and peace come over me! Thank you for all your wonderful posts my friend!
A big hug,

Susan said...

Hello Cindy,
The wreath you received from your sister-in-law is very pretty. I really like her choice of fabrics. Your Rockwell picture brings me back to our childhood. I loved mom and dad's Norman Rockwell book!The cloche is lovely and the setting you have in it and where you have it is sitting is stunning! Last but not least: How awesome to find potatoe chips in a burlap bag - now 'that' would convince me to buy some chips!
Have a wonderful day! xoxo Sue

Wendy said...

Never knew what a cloche was! :)
And I love homesense. Bought Bethany a chair there, for her bedroom. She loves it

awal.ny said...

I love how it all looks under the cloche, it is looking mighty like spring with the nest. Maybe you are wishing for spring and didn't know it. Nope, me I am done with the snow, only I don't think I can wish it away. I know we are in for at least one if not two more months of it. blah