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Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorite Blogs

Have you ever been completely without anything to blog about?  I'm sure you have all experienced that.  Sometimes I just want the world to go away and leave me be, but then the very next minute I am checking to see who has updated their blog and I am there as quick as a wink to read it.  
Today my friend over at Beatrice Banks, gave a shout out to three of her favorite blogs and I wanted to do the same.  I came back to my blog, read the comments on my last post and realized that you are all my favorites.  I enjoy all of your blogs so much, they are a part of nearly every one of my days.  Your posts and comments give me insight into the kind of person you are and if you all lived on my block, we would be "bosom pals", I'm sure. 

A corner in my living room.
  So here we go:

Beatrice Banks is one of my favorites.  We have become friends over the internet.  She lives in Georgia, I live in Manitoba, far apart in miles, but our hearts have connected.  She has become my prayer partner.  She has a beautiful blog where she talks about decor, with a bit of personal stuff thrown in for good measure.

Tammy's Home
Pamela, at Playing With My Camera, is another one that I have become friends with.  We talk, via email, quite often.  She lives in New Brunswick, Canada and has friends in my city.  So we hope to get together one day.
Pamela's lovely flowers.

 And lastly, this lovely young woman is a writer and a very wise lady, too.  Jen, from ~Sweet Blessings~ writes a devotional style blog.  It's always encouraging and up-lifting to read her blog in the morning, before the chores begin calling my name.

Why don't you go over and tell these girls "Hello" and tell them Cindy sent you.

The park near my house.
I hear over the news that many places are getting more Wintery weather, be patient, Spring will come, later rather than sooner, but it will come.

Meanwhile, "Heal the Past, Live the Present and Dream the Future."

My blog roll is a reflection of my favorite blogs, if I have not mentioned you today, it's not because I don't enjoy your blog, but rather that I decided to stick to just three.
I always enjoy all of your photos and what you have to say!



Jenifer said...

Cindy, thank you so much for your kind words! You are such a blessing to me. :)

If I lived closer I yes, we would be bosom pals, but I would also want you to decorate my home! I love pictures!!

Vintage Gal said...

Hi Cindy ~ Happy Friday and thanks for introducing us to these wonderful blogs ~ I'm going to hop on over now ;-)

Rhonda said...

Hi Cindy
thanks for the recommendations, I will be visiting them It is always nice to find a new to me special blog.

hope you have a wonderful weekend

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words! You know you're one of my favorites too! I have started the "B List" to feature blogs of those who requested to be featured but today, took a little different direction for those who have showed a particular kindness. In hindsight, you should have been part of that list. I feel bad but we connect outside of blogging so that's how I hardly think of you as a "blogging friend" any more.
Hope you have an extra special weekend. Sounds like you are!

RicKaren said...

Aww...these are some of my favorites as well! (And you too, of course!)

Joanne said...

We are on the same page....there are so many lovely blogs out there that we may know about but our readers might not. I think it is a great idea to share some of our discoveries with others! I will have to check out the blogs you shared about. I do know Pamela...both of you have been nothing but kindness and love to me and I know we could become bosom friends like Anne and Diana:)
Thank you for sharing these blogs and for your encouragement and blessing to so many...don't know how you do it, but you do!

Linda said...

SO nice, Cindy! I love visiting new blogs~ thank you for sharing them with us! XO

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Cindy, You are so sweet and thoughtful to 'feature' me on your blog today! I really do appreciate your friendship and all the help you have given me and I know we'd be good friends on the block or the street or even in the same town! As it is, we're friends with hundreds of miles in between and best of all 'sisters in the Lord'. I am so enjoying this blogging adventure and all the wonderful people I am meeting. And, my friend, you are one of my favorite blogs to read too! We are weathering the storm watching movies tonight while it blows and snows outside. Have a great weekend and Thanks again. Blessings and Hugs,

Robin said...

Two "new" to me blogs for me to check out - Yippeeee! Thanks Cindy.

rosarod said...

Hi Cindy, great post. We always enjoy good friends, is a blessing (Romans 12:10) so this morning I will visit your friends, Greetings, Rose Marie

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for sharing these. It's always so lovely to hear what bloggers that I really like love to read. That's so amazing that someone you met online has become your 'prayer' partner. That's so happy!


Betty said...

Lovely blogs. Thanks for recommending.
I know it's often difficult to think of a topic to blog about. I would be happy to read your posts just whenever you feel like blogging, be it weekly or less often. They always delight and inspire me.
I love that last picture with snow amongst bare trees. Can't wait to see your spring photos as the weather is changing to Autumn here.

Shelia said...

Hi Cindy! Isn't blogland just wonderful! We meet so many wonderful folks! Thanks for sharing these two blogs with us.
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kathy said...

I agree, these are quite lovely ladies. As are you! I hope you have a great day - we're in for some severe weather - I wonder at the year when we have thunderstorms in February!
God Bless,

Divine Theatre said...

Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Now I am following YOU!
You have such a lovely home and a creative blog!


Teena in Toronto said...

Isn't it great how we can meet so many people via the 'net.