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Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Saratoga Inn~

Thank you to all of you who wished me "Happy Birthday" on Tuesday.  I had a wonderful birthday.  My son and his wife made a delicious dinner for me, they served barbecued salmon, wild/brown rice mixed and asparagus with a special lemon/butter sauce that was scrumptious!  It was a truly a delectable delight!  My birthday cake was  an orange cake, served with decaf coffee.  Mm-mm, it was all very delicious.  Their gift to me was tickets for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  Christian singer/songwriter Steve Bell and his band are performing with them.   
I am blessed to have such thoughtful children.
Three years ago I celebrated turning 50 and my kids had a big party for me and my oldest two came up with a really special surprise for me.  It was a trip to beautiful Whidbey Island, with two nights at the Saratoga Inn in Langley, Washington, with my two sisters.  We had not spent any time together, just the three of us, since 1972.

Saratoga Inn Website

We had a large suite over the carriage house, seen below.

Saratoga Inn website

And yes, a view of the ocean!

Saratoga Inn website

The dining area was a lovely area where we could relax and chat while we ate our very delicious breakfast.

Saratoga Inn website

Saratoga Inn website

The accommodations are really lovely.

My sisters.

Langley is a very sweet little town.

Langley, WA.
This was in March and there were lots of pretty flowers already.

Bethany helped me blog out the candles at my party.

This was our family three years ago, the little ones have grown so much.  The three young ladies are my girls and the two little ones belong to my oldest daughter, who is standing to my right, and her husband.  Thanks for joining me as I reminisced about this very fun time.

Today is sunny and bright and Spring is definitely in the air, I really hope it is the same for you, too!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.



RicKaren said...

Saratoga Inn looks lovely. I will have to see where Langley is since we have been trying to plan a trip to Washington and the coast. It won't be this year--maybe next.

Pamela Gordon said...

That looks like a wonderful place to stay. I love seaside towns. What a lovely surprise gift for your 50th. That orange cake sounds yummy too. Pam

Wendy said...

Wow it sounds like you had a really delightful birthday, and what a wonderful gift to go the symphony!! You really do have thoughtful children! said...

Looks like a very lovely time. How fun.

Odile said...

Joyeux anniversaire! même avec un peu de retard. Vous avez chance d'avoir une famille si gentille. Je vois que vous avez fait vous et vos soeurs un trés beau voyage, il est bien joli cet hôtel. Je vous désire a vous aussi un bon weekend plein de soleil et un petit coucou de l'espagne.

Vintage Gal said...

Cindy ~ So glad you had a wonderful birthday with memories to cherish ~ Happy Friday ;-)

Pauline said...

Dear Cindy, what a lovely treat that trip must have been, be with your sisters after so many years. Two of my sisters are disabled and live on different continents, so we've not all be together since 1975. The Lord knows ;o)

Divine Theatre said...

You have such a lovely family! So conscientious and kind as well! Steve Bell is afavorite of mine as well! Enjoy!


rosarod said...

Hi Cindy, what a blessing to have a united family and a son who has honored you with their details, that it is all was fine. What more beautiful place! blessings, Rose Marie

Kathy said...

What a wonderful gift! Looks like a lovely place to stay and to visit! Love it when you're able to spend special time like this - Hope you have a marvelous weekend,

xinex said...

You are one lucky lady, Cindy, who is loved by your family. What a wonderful birthday present!...Christine

Ana said...

Oh dear Cindy,
What a blessing! Your children are so awesome...They're thoughtful, loving and caring. So happy you had a wonderful birthday. Have an absolutely beautiful Spring weekend.

Much love to you,

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

You really know how to celebrate! Your children are so thoughtful. I hope mine grow up to be that way. Glad you had such a nice birthday.

Shelia said...

Hi Cindy! I'm so glad you had a nice birthday and what a treat to hear the singer!
You have a lovely family and that inn is gorgeous. We were in Langley about a year ago when our daughter and her family lived in Bellevue, WA! We took the ferry and drove over and just adored that sweet little town.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cindy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful glad!

Sheila said...

What a lovely birthday that must have been Cindy. Time spent with your two sisters would have been so special - especially in such a beautiful place. I hope that your sisters will be able to come for a visit to your lovely home one day!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Great gift and family. You are blessed ! Happy Birthday !!!

traci said...

happy belated birthday. sorry i missed it. that looks like a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated b-day, Cindy! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration with your family. What lovely gifts your daughters have treated you to over the years. The trip to Langley with your sisters looks wonderful, and what a treat that concert will be. Great picture of you with your beautiful family. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Cindy...

Happy...Happy Birthday, dear sweet friend! Sorry that it is belated but heartfelt nevertheless! It looks and sounds like you had a marvelous birthday! A special prepared birthday dinner with your children...well, it just doesn't get any better! I loved getting to see all of your photos! What a blessing, that your children surprised you will three years ago! I'm sure that you and your sweet sisters just had the time of your lives! Langley looks like a beautiful town and Saratoga Inn is gorgeous!!! What a special treat! have very sweet and thoughtful children indeed, dear friend!!! Thank you for sharing all of your sweet photos with us!!!

Again, Happy...Happy Birthday, Cindy!!!

Warmest wishes,

Joanne said...

It all looks so lovely!
I am so glad you were spoiled!
Wonderful family photos too!
I love the photos of Saratoga Inn that you went to for your 50th celebration!
Thanks for sharing!

Betty said...

You have a lovely family Cindy. How kind of them to give you that break away with your sisters at the beautiful Saratoga Inn. You must have all loved that special time together.
Hope your weekend is sunny anad bright.

Sue said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane! The best part of the gift was that I was included. :) Woot! We had a lovely time. Beautiful scenery, sweet Inn, charming town and just 'good' sisterly visiting!
xoxox Sue

Sherry said...

I have not stayed at that particular Inn but always love to visit Langley. My husband would stay in a bed and breakfast outside of town once a year and wander around beautiful Whidbey Island. I visit there once a month for my work and pop into a shop or two when I have time.

Jane said...

that is a wonderful gift! your children are very thoughtful. Whidbey Island is sure a nice place to visit. It looks lovely there!

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds and looks like a fun place and time!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Aaaah, Cindy, this looks like a perfect trip to celebrate your birthday. Many (belated) happy returns, my lovely.

It looks, from your photos, as though the weather is starting to pick up again for you - the snow has gone!!


Greet said...

You are blessed with a lovely and warm family Cindy!!