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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere

Is there anything more beautiful than beach settings for photos?  My grandson is posing for this one near Nanaimo, BC, at my nephews wedding.  These are all photos that my daughter took two years ago.

My sister and grand kids kayaking near Semiahmoo.  This is where my son-in-law took my daughter for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

My son-in-law at the helm.  It is such a lovely area.  The shoreline that you see is the Canadian side, they are kayaking on the American side.

Lots of big seals to see, they lay on this long pier sunning and then suddenly slide into the water.  They are hilarious to watch!

Be sure to check out more water photos at Watery Wednesday.

It has finally warmed up here, hallelujah!!!  It was only -11 over night and is snowing, but it is meant to go to -2 this week.

Have a sweet day, my friends.



Divine Theatre said...

What a blessed life!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Gorgeous blues! You are right. I don't think anything makes a prettier picture. It seems you have access to a lot of beaches/water. My little one told me yesterday he wanted to go to the beach. It's almost that time of year.
Hope you get some sunshine soon!

Cindy said...

Your grandson is precious!!! Beautiful pictures Cindy!

Sue said...

That was a beautiful day! I always have such a great time with your kids and grands! I have to agree with you that water makes such a beautiful setting for photos.
xoxo Sue

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the water no matter where it is. Great pictures. I'm so happy it's warming up for you. It has here too but I believe we're in for a lot of rain with mild temperatures on
Friday and Saturday. Not good for the flood situation. Are they still predicting a major flood there? Have a great day! Pamela

Jenifer said...

Great pics! I love water and I am so ready for spring and summer to be near the water again.

rosarod said...

Hi Cindy, that beautiful family photos, looks like a beautiful place. Greetings, Rose Marie

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Cindy! Thank you for sharing these photos.

Pauline said...

Dear Cindy, such a beautiful location. Thanks for sharing. wishing you warmer weather soon :o)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Cindy,
I am trying to catch up on my visits. It has been crazy at my house..Our oldest daughter's car broke down over the weekend while on her way to visit a friend 6 hours about 3 hours out she had to turn around and she ended up at our house with the kids for the weekend.
Your little grandson in his little man suit is so makes me just want to squeeze him up! what a little darling he is.
Also your apron and pillow Wow! they are just talented girl you, I really love your pillow! Now for your ruffled top, a wonderful idea and it looks so pretty. I don't know why the designers are making such low cut tops these days. I love the photo of you, you are really beautiful Cindy...I can see your sweet spirit shining through.
I love that you paired the top with a sweater I am a sweater girl too and always layer.
Have a sweet day and keep warm.
Big hugs, Elizabeth

Teena in Toronto said...

What a handsome young man!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Cindy ... what cute kids and beautiful shots!
Happy Watery Wednesday,


Gifts By Katherine said...

Oh how lovely, thank you for sharing your happy memory making with us. Hugs!

Betty said...

Thanks for these lovely photos Cindy. Your dear little grandson looks so smart in his jumper and jacket. Beautiful family photos in such a pretty setting. Looks like they had fun!
Hope your week is going well.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Looks like so much fun...and the seals so cute and interesting.
Love these little photos sessions on wednesday,...
hope it warms up soon for you there.

have a great week!

Wendy said...

There is something so soothing to the soul to be near the water. :)

Leah said...

In the picture with the seals, I love the blue of the water and how pretty the waves look! So peaceful!
And wow, can't believe it is still so cold there. I thought 35 was bad when I got out and about this morning :)

Gail said...

Hi Cindy, you have the cutest pictures of your grandchildren!

Have a wonderful day my friend,

Sheila said...

I love this part of our country! I went to a wedding on Gabriola Island and visited friends and relatives on Vancouver Island last August. Your family looks like a happy one.