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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lilacs and Apple Blossoms

Hello on this gloriously beautiful Wednesday!

I have cleaned up the old Singer Sewing Machine that my husband found on the curb and have set it in place.  Come take a look!
The cabinet has wooden legs on it, something that I have never seen before.  And at some point this old treadle machine has been made into an electric machine.   I haven't tried it out yet, but I will.

Apple blossoms in a vintage bottle and vintage vase.  The cotton runner under them is also vintage.  I love my vintage telephone, she has such sweet lines.

More photos of blossoms around my home, I love the feeling of cut and live flowers and blossoms inside.

My crab-apple tree only blossomed last week and already the area around it is carpeted in tiny blossoms that are falling off of the tree.  I wish the blossoms would last all summer, and forget about making fruit.

On a more sober note, Minneapolis had a tornado go through on Sunday and it destroyed some beautiful 100 year old trees and fabulous old houses.  Carla of Hammers and High Heels has photos on her blog and her home was hit also.  So sad.  Go over and show her some love, I'm sure she needs it.

Remember the people in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri when you pray today.  There is so much devastation and loss of life for the people in the counties that were hit by tornadoes to deal with.  God help them!

"Don't brashly announce what you will do tomorrow, you don't have any idea what tomorrow will bring." ~Proverbs 27:1



Sunny Simple Life said...

This is so true. No complaining today. Just thoughts and prayers for those suffering. Everything looks lovely. Lucky find on the sewing machine. Love the way the blossoms are like snow falling.

Julie Harward said...

It looks great and it looks like you found just the right spot for it! Yes..keep these poor people in prayers, for sure! :D

Teena in Toronto said...

Gord has his grandmother's old sewing machine that is similar to yours. His isn't in as good shape ... maybe he should clean it up too :)

Pamela Gordon said...

Cindy, your old sewing machine is a real gem. I've never seen one with wooden legs either. Your flowers and vignettes are very pretty. You have a lovely patio. It's sunny and warm here today! Love it! Blessings, Pam

traci said...

look at all those gorgeous flowers. i love that old phone too. very nice. hope your day was marvelous.

Pondside said...

I'm thinking of those poor souls every hour. Such a horror for them.
Your new/old sewing machine looks right at home!

Pamela said...

Great sewing machine Cindy i used to have one!

So much sadness and also what has happened in Slave Lake, entire town burned to the ground.
Makes our troubles so small.

Pamela xo

Shelia said...

Hi Cindy! Free? Your hubby just found this? It looks wonderful. I've never seen solid wooden legs like this either. I have my grandmother's old Singer. I learned to sew on it when I was a little girl.
Your entire area is so charming and I love your olden phone!
Be a sweetie,

Sue said...

Sweet sewing maching and what a nice setting you have created. The flowers make it just that much more beautiful! - We are blessed! - it is often tragedy to others that makes us realize how truely blessed we are. Praying for those who have lost loved ones and homes.
xoxo Sue

nannykim said...

it looks great there and such a sweet tablescape too. The apple blossoms reminded me of this post I am going to share here at the end. It ties in cherry blossoms and the suffering in our world and it really spoke to me today:

Ana said...

Hi Cindy,
For the last couple of days I haven't been able to post any comments and finally today I can...Yay! Anyways, the sewing machine looks great in its new home. Love it! Prayers going out to the people affected by these terrible tornados...

Love ya,

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi lovely,

I am soooooo jealous of your sewing machine find. How lucky are you???? SOoooooo green with envy!!

And it looks absolutely FAB with your old-fashioned phone on top like that. What a great stylist you are, Cindy!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Found!! Wow, now that is a fabulous find and it looks great! I love that vintage phone.

Greet said...

Your sewing machine is a beautiful vintage piece!! And how gorgeous that it is turned on into an electric machine!! You really should try it!
Your home looks so cozy with all the flowers inside! And I love that blossom carpet of your apple tree!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Joy said...

Love your decorating style. Inspiring!

Carla @ Hammers and High Heels said...

Hi Cindy, I just read this today, thank you so much for sending prayers our way :)

Pamela said...

Love the sewing machine. My sister has one, too. Did you paint the tray? I have a brass one like that and it needs some loving care. :-)

d e l i g h t said...

Hello, just found you this morning and so glad, I love your creative vignettes. The old phone on the sewing machine is wonderful...I just love that photo! A new follower and invite you to visit my blog.