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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~June Fun~

How about some outdoor photos today?
On Saturday evening, I had a group of ladies at my house, so my husband escaped with his camera and came back with these.  I'm joining Watery Wednesday today!

These land gulls are not what I would call beautiful, but they are picturesque, I think.

Are you wondering what all of these American Pelicans are looking at?

What is this?

I think it's a catfish, it's trying to go up stream, but it does not get far, my husband said it kept falling back into the water.  But you can see by the spray coming off of it's body that it is giving it all it's got to make it up the concrete spillway.
There is a fish ladder in that area, but it is still covered in water due to the unseasonably high water levels.

 This is what my neighbor to the right of me put on her porch, isn't it pretty?

And this is mine, only there's a hedge that prevents anyone from seeing it unless they actually come up to my door.  She had no idea that we had 'almost' matching vignettes at our front doors.  I thought it's pretty interesting that we would do this, don't you.  I told her that great minds think alike.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday, the weather has finally turned nice and sunny and the weekend is promising to be the same.  Be sure to check out Watery Wednesday!



Ana said...

Beautiful pictures Ms. Cindy and love your cute little chair on your porch. Very sweet. Have a beautiful day my dear friend.

Much love,

Carolyn said...

beautiful...the american pelicans were capture very well :-) thanks for the visit..

Jenifer said...


Pamela Gordon said...

Your hubby takes great pictures. I love the chair by the front door with the pail of flowers. Your neighbour must have been spying on you. :-) I hope you enjoy the weekend weather. Blessings, Pamela

chubskulit said...

Beautifully captured! The fish must be so scared to death seeing those flock lol.

Watery Wednesday

Julie Harward said...

Great pictures! I'd hate to be that fish..nightmare! Love your little chair on the cute! The PB cookies below here are so yummy too! :D

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

So cute! I love the enamelware bucket!

Pondside said...

That little display is so welcoming beside your door!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Amazing photos! I've never seen a fish do anything like that. Love your chair and plant! That is just too cute. Certainly odd that both of you would do the same thing. You live in a charming place.
Hugs my friend!

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow...I'll have to show my fisherman that photo!! Thanks for sharing!

Shabby soul said...

Hello Sweetie! I love your "flowering" chair!
Thank you for visiting me and for your comments! I too love so much laces.
Please send me an e-mail with your address :)
Have a peaceful day

Teena in Toronto said...

Look at those birds lining up!

The chair looks way too cute!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The seagull almost looks like an extension of the fence, as if he (or she) were sculpted from the same piece of wood (or metal).


Red sky in morning,
Sailors take warning!

Who knows what might happen out on the sea?
Waves riding high,
Waves to the sky,
Waves crashing and dashing all over me!

Red sky at night,
Sailors delight!

Leeward or windward we sail with no fear;
Water is calm,
Healing like balm—
Ahoy, fellow sailors, landfall is near!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Oahu Coast and Sky

Nan said...

Hi Cindy, thank you for visiting my blog Playful Decor - nice to mee you! That's amazing you & your neighbor had the same without knowing it! I think you & your neighbor need to visit eachother more often! Have a great weekend!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Those birds are waiting for a snack!
Your pot full of flowers on that darling chair is fabulous! So welcoming!

Jenny said...

Hi there, new to your blog, but as a former Canadian living in Australia for 35 years I was drawn to it :)! Love the pelicans! They are just stunning, ... do you think they are after the fish ? LOL Your pot of colour is beautiful on the chair, very retro and I love it! I am going to do one too now!
Come by and visit me some time!
Have a great week!
jen xo

Carol said...

Great chair and pot on your front porch. Beautiful water pictures.
I'm craving peanut butter sandwich cookies from your previous post now, that were made in your wonderful kitchen.