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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holly Hocks

Happy Friday my friends, hard to believe that the weekend is upon us once again.
The weather here has been fabulous, it's been in the 80's F or 30's C with beautiful blue skies and a wonderful breeze.  I looked after a friends two-year old today and we spent time in the park and had a truly delightful time. 

This Spring, I bought four Holly Hock seedlings, is that what they're called when they are already four inches high?  Anyways, they are all growing well enough, but only one of them grew the tall stalk and has flowers.  Can you spot the bee?

And I am so thrilled that it is more like a double flower, reminiscent of the peonies.  All of the holly hocks that I have seen around our neighborhood only has the four or five outside petals.  Does anyone know what this type is called? 

I have it in a very sunny location on my patio.  I have been enjoying it when I go out there, but I am thinking that I should take one of the blossoms inside to enjoy.

I also have tomatoes that are loving this weather and growing extremely well.

I have nine of them, they are all the Beef Steak and Big Boys.  They will be so delicious when they are harvested!!!

Update on Wednesday's post:  The Lemonade pie here
was absolutely DIVINE !!!  I will definitely be making that again.  The jury is still out on the iced coffee from the same post.  I think I will try it once again, but this time use a coarser ground coffee, it was a bit bitter.  It was nice that it didn't water down the coffee when added to ice cubes.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and I hope your weather is not too hot or too rainy!

~Wishing You Love In Your Heart...Peace In Your Soul...And Joy In Your Life Always~


Julie Harward said...

How about blooming where you are planted..and did it ever, so pretty! :D

Gracie's Cottage said...

Love the ruffly hollyhock; haven't seen one like that before!


Shelia said...

Hi Cindy! Oh, I haven't seen holly hocks since I was a little girl. What a pretty flower and looks like yours are doing great!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Cindy, I love your sweet hollihocks! My MIL had them at her house where our son lives and when we had some new drainage put in last fall they were dug out. I intended to save them and forgot but I do have the seeds and will try to remember to plant them next spring. Hollihocks are an old country house favorite. Your tomato crop looks great too. Do you have a long weekend this weekend? We are celebrating New Brunswick Day on Monday. Have a great weekend! Blessings, my friend. Pamela

Gail said...

Beautiful holly hock Cindy! Your tomato vines looks great. I love tomatoes! Unfortunately, this spring we didn't plant any:(

Have have a wonderful weekend,

Pondside said...

I love that big, blowsy hollyhock flower - so like a rose or a peony!

Anonymous said...

Tomatoes are my very most favorite and your hollyhocks are lovely! ~Karen from Pink Parsonage
I am still unable to sign in on your blog for some reason--let me know if you have any ideas. I don't have this problem anywhere else and didn't used to here. Strange.

Ana said...

Hi Cindy,
Your hollyhocks are so pretty. It is growning nicely. Seems to like it there on your patio. And the tomatos, well they weren't one of my favorite veggies (or are they fruit?) until a few years ago when my daughter started to show some interest in the kitchen and added tomatos to pratically everything she ate...Thought I would try it too and now I'm hooked :-) Anyways, hope you'll be enjoying them soon. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Much love,

Nancy said...

Hi Cindy!

Your holly hocks are very pretty!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


wendy said...

Gorgeous! Our yard is having a bad year lol. Long story

Christy said...

Thank you for stopping by doras cottage and for the sweet comments! i feel the same way except I do love the modern conveniences we enjoy today!

Stacey said...

I'm just going to sit here a minute and enjoy your hollyhocks and cooler temps. It has been 100+ here for 30 something days.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your holly hocks are so large and lovely! My tomatoes have not done well this summer since we had such hot temperatures s, but my eggplanst and peppers liked the heat are are producing quite a bit!

Jenny said...

I haven't seen Hollyhocks since I lived in Canada 39 years ago - they are still as beautiful as I remember, well yours are!! Look at those tomato plants - cant wait to see the fruit of your crop!!! Hugs to you sweet lady!
Jen xoxox

Buttercup said...

How pretty! I don't have a garden -- apartment dweller -- but so enjoy all the blog pictures. Thanks!

podso said...

Your holly hocks are beautiful, as are your tomato plants. It looks so lush and green!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I love the double ruffled holly hocks! Such an old fashioned flower. I had a pink one pop up this year. The last time I saw it was a few years ago but in another location?

Teena in Toronto said...

I have one tomato plant and it's been doing well.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, your photos are so refreshing! In a good/normal summer, it is too hot here for hollyhocks to do very well. I enjoy seeing them when I visit my daughter in VA (along with the peonies that I enjoy a bit earlier there). And, I've enjoyed seeing yours! That's the first double/ruffley one I've seen! Thank you.

blessings ~ tanna
ps - that lemonade pie in the last post looks DELICIOUS!

Nancy said...

I spotted the bee immediately...what great photos Cindy! Beautiful!