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Monday, January 31, 2011

Light and Bright Country Kitchen

Good Monday Morning, my friends!
We are enjoying another cold day!  It's to be expected though, so I am really enjoying it.  Unlike all of you people who are featuring gardens and summer colors, so sorry, but I LoVe Winter.

Last Friday I showed you a couple of kitchens, most did not care for the Log House kitchen.  I loved the collections that the homeowner had, but like you, I really need light and bright around me or else I feel like I am in a cave.  If that was my kitchen, this is what I would do with it.  I would paint it this creamy white color, the beams as well as the walls.  These are from  The Busy Bee

 Wouldn't that make a big difference?

  So...I want to show you Sarah's kitchen.  Sarah lives in Great Britain and she and her hubby have done a makeover on her kitchen, mainly with paint.  Never underestimate the power of paint!

Go over to Modern Country Style to see more of Sarah's kitchen and you can find lots of country kitchens there, too.  She's been looking at them because her kitchen is soon to be in for a huge makeover.  
Before:  Her egg yolk kitchen.

The After

I love this because Sarah proves to us that a great deal of change can be accomplished on a small budget.  Most of the people that I know cannot consider taking out a loan to redo their kitchen.  Paint, a few changes  here and there and some pretty accessories really can make a huge difference.

She tells you what colors she used and all.  Thanks so much Sarah, for letting me use your photos. 

I wish you all a happy day and I will talk to you again on Wednesday when I will have a few more outdoor photos.  Thanks again for all of your lovely comments on them.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Country Kitchens

 Hello from snowy Winterpeg, that is what folks on the rainy, soggy, cloudy, dark West Coast call  Winnipeg.  We got about seven inches of snow overnight and it is still falling very hard.  It's only minus five Celsius, but it's meant to go to minus 27 Celsius tomorrow.  Towns just south of us are getting freezing rain, but it has missed us, thank the Lord!!!

If you get emails from Country Woman, you will have seen this very countrified kitchen.  I think it is so very charming.

Barbara McCollum and her husband built their log home themselves and Barbara designed the kitchen around her prized collection of rolling pins, of which she has 78!

She incorporated her red granite ware into her kitchen color scheme.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I love granite ware.

She also collects the white granite ware as well as vintage jars.  

What could be more country than a vintage wagon wheel with vintage jar lights?

That is one darling country kitchen.  See the flooring?  It appears to be flag stone.  To read more about it go here.

Or how about this one that I found over at House of Turquoise?  More of a modern country look.  I am loving the turquoise that I am seeing everywhere in Blog Land.

I'm so glad to see that Country is cool again.
 I love both of the kitchens that I have shown you today,  they both speak of "home".

Thanks so much to all of you for your very sweet comments on my Wednesday photo posts, they have been overwhelmingly positive and I appreciate them so much.  My husband took most of them and he reads my blog and all of the comments and he appreciates them, too.  So...last but not least Happy Birthday to my dear hubby.  I made whole wheat cinnamon buns, from scratch, for breakfast and he went for a long walk in the snow with me today, this is a special day for a very special man!

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~More Gorgeous Photos~

Happy, Happy Wednesday to you!!!

I am excited to show you more gorgeous photos of our city.  These were taken New Years Day.  It was the perfect time to photograph the city because there weren't any pedestrians out and about.

Salisbury Restaurant over the Red River

Via Rail Station

I like this one because it shows you the way the city has grown, the old connected to the new.  See that row of windows in the middle?  It's part of an above ground system of walkways that you can walk in without having to go outside.  These hallways run for many blocks,  even across streets and they connect dozen of buildings to each other.  
What a great idea for a city that experiences bitter Winter temperatures.

The Fort Garry Hotel close up

The Ft. Garry Hotel, from further away.  You can see the revolving restaurant just behind the hotel, way up high there.  This has been designated a heritage building.  Some of the reasons being because of its Chateau style, evident in: its steeply pitched, truncated hip roof, punctuated by multiple peaks, progressively smaller dormer windows, and finials; its imposing massing; its smooth-cut stone cladding; and its elaborate decorative stonework.  It was one of many hotels built across Canada by the railroad back in the early 1900's.  I hear that it is very beautiful inside as well, perhaps I can get some photos of that one day.

I hope you have enjoyed another peek at our lovely old city, as you can see I am fascinated by old buildings as well as the history of them, but I won't go into that, I don't wish to bore you too much.  I am joining Watery Wednesday.
I hope your weather is nice, it's kind of sunny here, snowing lightly and only -11 Celsius.  I am hoping that the outdoor skating rink has been cleared off so I can go skating.
Have a wonderful day!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Life Is Good!

My oldest daughter gave me the little frame in the stand for Christmas.  I love the frame, but what makes it so special is the photo in it, it's of my parents when they were just dating, way back in the early '50's.  I love it.  The photo and frame are from my favorite gift and decor store in Western Washington, Grandiflora, check it out.

Both of my grandsons were born in January, so I want to say a special Happy Birthday to them, they are both very energetic, fun loving boys.  They are also very fun to be around.  I am so blessed to have two such happy, healthy grandsons.
Happy Birthday Jonathan and Nathan!

 This is Jonathan from last summer and it looks like he has a juice smile!

Jonathan when he was two.  He is now nine, he's growing up so fast.

Nathan as a tiny baby, he was three months old here with his mom and dad.

Nathan is now four years old.  I can't find a newer photo of him, this was taken the summer of 2009.  I don't know where I hid all of the photos from last summer, but I can't find them.  Can you tell that I am feeling nostalgic, children grow up so fast!

I try to keep up with the date on this little date cube, but like everything else, it's difficult because time is going by so quickly.  If you have small children, do everything you can to slow down and enjoy them, they will be gone much too soon.  Trust me!

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day, it is sunny and cold here, and it's time for me to head out for a walk.
Do all you can to make this a very good day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Grand Home

Hello my friends!
Today I want to show you a house that I found on a Realty site.  This house has five bedrooms and nine bathrooms and has 13, 200 square feet of grand spaciousness.
This is probably one of the more expensive houses on the market in Winnipeg.
A wonderful entry.

 It has a nice large dining room, this one seats ten people.

The dining room has a bar in it.

There are 24 foot high ceilings in here.

A beautiful open concept, kitchen eating area and seating area combined.

A very nice home office.

The basement is as impressive as the rest of the house is. 

 Now this would  be a dream come true for many people, you wouldn't have to run off to the gym at 5:00 in the morning anymore!

This beautiful gazebo is enclosed with a screen, very important in Winnipeg.  The mosquitoes can get quite bad in the summer time.  This is a lake property, too.

Would you believe that the price on this home and property is $7, 450,000.00.  I won't be buying this in the foreseeable future!  If you are interested in purchasing, here is the place to find more information on it.

I hope you enjoyed a look at a very impressive house in my city.  I am glad to see that there are houses like this in our city, the majority of homes in Winnipeg are small to medium sized bungalows.  The new subdivisions are far more impressive in square feet, than the majority,  but they are on tiny lots with almost no yards for the family to enjoy. 

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my husbands photos on Wednesday!  
You people really are the best!  I love you all!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

-Outdoor Beauties-

Hello my friends!
On Saturday we went for a drive to Pine Falls, Manitoba to visit our friends.  The day was so beautiful, clear blue skies and bright sunshine adorned the day.

I hope you enjoy the photos that my husband took.  I am joining A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
 I am also joining Watery Wednesday.  Check these two memes out, there are some great photos to be seen.

These photos have not been touched up in any way.

These abandoned buildings down a dirt road, caught our eye.

There are seven dams on the Winnipeg River, this is just down from the dam in Pine Falls.  The swift moving water is what has caused the water not to be frozen, otherwise, otherwise there would be no open water at this time of year.

This is the dam itself, hiding in the mist.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed the photos today.  Hopefully, your weather is not as cold as ours, we have been in the deep freeze for several days.  It's no longer chilly, it is seriously cold now.