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Monday, January 30, 2012

I made the Impossible Possible! (Armoire Reveal)

Hello my friends, thank you so much for coming by today.
I have joined a fabulous challenge and I am so excited to walk you through it and explain what my challenge was all about.

Eight years ago my husband and I purchased an antique armoire.  I loved the bones of it, but not the finish on it.

Pretty boring, actually.
When we purchased and moved into our little 1927 Craftsman Bungalow over three years ago, I knew that I was closer to doing something really special with it.

Then came the "Imagine the Impossibilies" challenge from super-talented Karianne at Thistlewoodfarm along with five other bloggers.

I had been wanting to refinish this armoire for so long that I knew that IT was my "impossibility."

First, I had to get my husband on board, that didn't take any persuasion, he was very willing to help me out.  Tons of thanks goes to my sweetheart.
Secondly, I asked your opinions and I got lots of fabulous ideas that day.  Thank you so much for them, they really gave me clarity.
Thirdly, I wanted to make my own chalk paint and tint it myself.  I chose a linen color that I loved and I tinted it.  It came out to the exact shade that I wanted!
Fourthly, my husband purchased and added the molding that I picked out.
Fifthly, I painted it and then I did something I had never done before.  I glazed it.  Here is where a blogger came to my rescue, a Canadian gal at, Recaptured Charm.  From her and her blog, I learned what to purchase and how to do the glazing.  I added a black paint to the glaze.
That was the hard part, the glazing took hours!  But I am liking the results more and more every day.


I'm not stopping here, next comes a fireplace makeover.  My son, the brick mason is going to reface my ugly dark fireplace with a re-claimed brick that is very attractive.
Then I will paint my living-room a yummy creamy color  and
my bathroom will be a light turquoise.  Lots of fun to come! 

This is where the parties are happening starting Tuesday at 7 am Eastern time, check them out!
Kelly at  Eclectically Vintage 
Karianne at Thistlewood Farm
Linda at It All Started with Paint
Andrea at The CottageMarket 
Karah at The Space Between
Stacey at A Sort of Fairytale

Go HERE to see all of the people who took up the challenge!

I have also joined my friend Nita for Mod Mix Monday.

Warm hugs,


I'm lovin' it!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creamy Lattes

Just like milk in strong coffee,
latte colors—from rich cream to caramel—tame bold hues for an ultra-livable palette.

Cup of Joe blend coffee and cream into your scheme with the skill of a barista with tips from l.a. designer mary mcGee. here’s how she gives a caffeinated jolt to these luxe neutrals.
  1. 1  
    If a lighter tone is your goal, watch out for green or gold undertones. Hold the colors you’re considering against a true-white paint chip to look for a rich cream with a brown
  2. 2  base, McGee says.
    “I mix colors to get a perfect cream,” McGee says. Her favorite “recipe”: A 50:50 mix of Benjamin Moore’s Marble White (OC- 34) with Grant Beige (HC-83). “It cuts the gold, and you end up with this incredible
  3. 3  color.”
    Avoid beige boredom by using a variety of finishes and textures in a room. A white lacquer coffee table, leather chair, mirrored lamp, silk drapes, and a great sisal rug— McGee counts on all these materials to give a latte-color space richness. 

    I found this somewhere, it's from and this is what my color personality is.

    Funnily enough, I have been planning to repaint the interior of my house which is presently yellow, and these are the colors that I have been loving for some time now.  I particularly love the Milky Foam.  This article explains how to get the exact Latte cream that I have been wanting in point number 2 above.  Also, it says that Milky Foam
    "Looks amazing paired with a muted robin’s-egg blue. Kabuki Clay 3003- 8C;" 
    I was in HD yesterday and I found a gallon mistint paint for $9.00 and the color is very close to a robin's egg blue with a green undertone.  Then I found a lovely turquoise cloth shower curtain for half-price that is a couple of shades darker than the mistint paint.  If you've read my blog for very long you will remember that I added turquoise to my decor last summer.  It was then that I decided that I was done with yellow.  I have had tones of yellow, more on the gold side, for nearly ten years.  And I'm really tired of it.  I am on my way...and I'm loving it! 

    Have a great weekend, my friends and don't forget to come back next week for the unveiling of my armoire!

    Warm hugs, 


    Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!
    This is us in Gimli last summer when my sister was visiting us.

    dark brew

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's All About the Journey

Hello my friends, 
today I want to show you how my journey from Impossibility to Possibility is coming along.
Remember this?

I have had it for about eight years and I have wanted to paint it for about eight years.  But the fact that it is so large and my indecision combined caused me to leave it in this state for all that time.  It's just not very pretty, in fact I didn't really like it much.

But bit by bit, as the coats of paint went on, as my hubby added the crown molding, then trim around the mirrors, I find I have a very warm spot in my heart for it now and it isn't even finished yet.  I may end up being very fond of it, time will tell.

And don't forget about the huge reveal parties that will be happening on January 31st.  Be sure to come back here for the links to all of the parties.

And there are more!

I hope you are having a lovely day!

Warm hugs,


PS (is ps short for psssssssst!?)
I found another wonderful Canadian blog, she refinishes furniture beautifully and has lots of photos on her blog of the process. I have found it very helpful in this current venture of mine.   Recaptured Charm is the name of it.  Check it out!

Monday, January 23, 2012

~A Red and White Tea Cozy~

Hello my friends, did you have a busy weekend?  We certainly did, and I'm late with Monday's post.  Well I guess it will just have to be Tuesday's post.

Friday's mail held a delightful surprise for me, it was a sweet little gift from Sue of beach bungalow.  Sue lives in the coastal town of Oakville, Ontario, where, alongside her husband they are restoring an old house.  
Just a week or so ago, she blogged about a darling little tea cozy that she had crocheted.  I commented on how pretty it was and of course, how talented she is.  She wrote back to tell me that she would make one for me if I would like one and she wanted to know what color.  I quickly wrote back and said I would love to have a Red and White one.  Just a few days later, it was in the mail. 

It was accompanied by the sweetest little note.  
Thank you SO much, Sue, I LOVE it!!!

It fits my little two cup tea pot perfectly.  I have been drinking a lot of tea over this last month, with it being so cold, and this is just the thing to ensure that my second cup does not grow cold!

I have said it and so have so many of you, blogging friends are so special, I love every one of you!  I appreciate every one of your kind comments, you have encouraged me to continue with my furniture painting and the re-decorating 
my little bungalow.

Have a wonderful day and be sure to go say "HI" to Sue at beach bungalow and I think you might possibly be able to order one of these from her.  She is hoping to open an etsy store and that might be one of the items available.

Warm hugs,


Friday, January 20, 2012

~AWinter Mantel~

YAY!  It's Friday, I love Friday.  It's the beginning of the weekend and my husband works from home, so I have the car.  I am going to go out in a few minutes and brave the -22 C (7 deg below 0 F) somehow it just doesn't sound very cold when it's converted to Fahrenheit.   
When I lived in Northern BC, I remember one Christmas that was 50 deg below 0 F, now that was COLD!  About 20 years later, when I was a single mom and I delivered bundles of the Edmonton Journal to several of the small outlying communities, there were several days when it was 40 degrees below 0 F.  A couple of well meaning people on my route warned me that I would die if I "hit the rhubarb" (went off the road).  I simply had to go though, it was my job and my kids had to eat.  I prayed and sang praise and worship songs on those very dangerous days as I drove, and I know the angels were around my car for the eight or nine hours that it took, because I felt at peace and I had no problems, whatsoever.

Like so many, after Christmas I felt a longing for a very simple decor.  This is my "simple" fireplace Winter mantle.

I put my barn pictures on the mantle, I love barns.


Simple decor on the hearth...

...and there you are, the chairs are pulled up close to catch the warmth from the electric fireplace.  There's a warm ruffly throw to wrap myself in.  Staying warm is what it's all about.

I hope you are staying warm and cozy, too.
Warm hugs,

The verdict is in, these pretty birds are Bohemian Waxwings.  Thank you to everybody who helped me identify them, I appreciate all of your comments, always.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~A Pretty Valentine Craft~

A happy Wednesday to you, my friends.
I hope you are all well and staying warm.  It was -23 deg. Celsius when I got up this morning, that is pretty chilly, especially when there is a breeze.  It was -30 something with windchill factor, brrrrrr!

I want to show you a very easy craft that anyone can do.
I saw this on Pinterest and I just had to try it.

I put it in a dollar store shadow box frame, but I had to remove the glass in order for the heart to fan out like it needed to.

I think it's a lovely little craft.  I stacked eleven little hearts and glued each one down the fold with a tiny bit of glue.  

In other news, I had a delightful little surprise when I looked out my front window and saw several pretty birds in my Mountain Ash tree.  They were pecking at the frozen berries.

They are so pretty, I have no idea what they are, though.  Perhaps one of you may know, please tell me if you do.

What delightful little surprise have you had today?

I am joining the Cozy Home Party at Cozy Home Scenes.
Staying warm,


A wide shot, you can see my crafting paraphernalia on the table.  It's too cold to spend much time in the basement craft room.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Taking the Challenge

It's the "Imagine the Impossibilities" Challenge.  You can learn more about it at Thistlewood Farm.

My "Impossibility" is a plain, little, old armoire that I really love and have wanted to do something with forever!  But I have not known what to do with it.  It sits in my living room and will continue to.  Here is the first photo.

I think it's made of pine or maybe fir, because the wood grain is not very pretty, so I'm not concerned about keeping the wood look.  In other words I will gladly paint it.
Okay, the setting.  It's in my living room against a wall that will soon, along with the other walls in the living room, be a soft creamy white much like the arm of my couch that is visible in the foreground.  And lastly, there's wood trim in the living room.

My inspiration is this armoire in the background below:


I want my husband to add molding to the top like this one has.  I think mine would look good like that.

Or this one:

I would love to distress it heavily like this. I would love to put shelves in it, too.
Or paint it dark grey and replace the mirrors with glass like the one below?

Or maybe I should leave it wood, just refinish it.


Please tell me what you think when you leave a comment.  I'm very interested in hearing your opinions.  I only have until the end of the month to have it done.

Today is my youngest grandson's birthday, he turned 
five!  Happy Birthday little man!
I'm joining Mod Mix Monday.



Just in case you've forgotten what it looks like! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hall Tree Makeover

This is my third makeover of the year!  And we're barely two weeks into it.
I don't think I have ever done this many in a whole year, and I have more makeovers to do still.

This is the hall tree that I asked you, my dear readers, to give me ideas on how to paint.
In the end I decided to paint the whole piece with a homemade chalk paint mixture.  This is basically the recipe that I used: 1/2 cup plaster of Paris...1/2 cup hot water whisk those together and then add 1 1/2 cups of paints.  I enjoyed using the chalk paint for all of the reasons that I had read.  It really does go on nicely, I had to add water to it once, when it was getting too thick.  I got the recipe for Chalk Paint from Art is Beauty, click on her blog name and see a beautiful table and chairs that she has painted.

I needed something in the kitchen to hold my satellite radio and my telephone.  I also have all of my cookbooks there.  I had a vision of what it could be...

Here she is with her chalk paint and a little distressing, with a coat of espresso paint on the hardware.  I decoupaged vintage music sheets over the mirror.  I'm not happy with how I did that, I shouldn't have angled the ones in the center.  I'm going to do that over again.  

My photos turned out terrible, it was very difficult to get a good shot of it because the kitchen is so small.  But you can see that my satellite radio fits nicely and the telephone has it's place, too.
It is a great improvement, I think.

We got some snow on Wednesday and the temps have been down to -19 C (2 deg. below 0 F) for two days.  That really isn't cold.  I lived in Northern BC for many years and it was much colder there all winter long.  It's been pretty balmy here lately hovering right around 0 C (32 deg. F) most of the time.
 Have a good weekend, my friends.

Warm hugs,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Stool Makeover

I am overwhelmed by the wonderfully sweet comments that I got on my table makeover!  Thank you to all of my friends that popped over for a visit and thank you to all of the new friends that stopped by, too.  That is what makes blogging so much fun, I think.
My latest project isn't quite so extensive as the table, in fact this one took no more than an hour altogether.  Unfortunately, I did not get a good picture before I painted and remade the top.

This is a stool that my husband brought home the day that he picked up the old Singer treadle sewing machine for me.  They are both curb-side finds.  The top lifts off and there is storage under it.  It is such a cute little thing that I keep it tucked under my kitchen table for 
extra seating.  
When I put a linen colored cover on it I discovered that it is really quite old, the padding in it looked like horse hair.  

Do you see it tucked in under there?  It had the old dark finish on it.  You can see more of the table before it was painted, too.
First I painted the stool with a homemade chalk paint.  (And by the way, what I didn't tell you about the table yesterday, was that I painted it with the homemade chalk paint, too.)

On Saturday I had a light-bulb moment!  How would the cover look done in a Union Jack like design?!
I grabbed it and ran to my sewing room and a few minutes later, it looked like this!

The colors look a little off, the turquoise is a very soft color and the red is a true red.

I love it!
The last project that I have nearly completed is seen in it's original state in the first photo in the upper middle-right hand side.  It should be finished by Friday.

Once these are done I have taken the "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge.  Several very talented bloggers have gotten together and they have challenged each other to tackle some kind of a project by the end of this month that they thought was an impossibility! 
My new blog friend from Thistlewood Farm can explain what it's all about right here.  Just in case you wish to take the "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge, too.  Ms. Thistlewood Farm is going to learn to make homemade bread!  Now that is a challenge, if I ever heard one.

Later this week, I will show you what my "Impossibility" is.  And maybe you can give me some idea of what you would do with it.

Until then...

Warm hugs, 

I'm lovin' it! (again)