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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunrise on Lake Winnipeg

Hello my friends, thank you so very much for all of your lovely comments on my last post. 

My husband and I are were in Gimli this weekend. The town of Gimli sits on the edge of what some say to be the seventh largest lake in the world, Lake Winnipeg. It is an hours drive from home.

Here are a few photos that my husband took of the lake.

The wind was blowing hard yesterday and the breakers were very high.

You can see the water here crashing over a cement wall on the left.

This is that same area this morning at daybreak, no waves crashing, just gulls.

My husband was up early to get photos of the sun rise.

We were in Gimli for a Minister's Retreat, but we're home now. Our speaker was Raymond Woodward from New Brunswick, I know my friend Fay knows him and his wife Beverly. This is myself on the far right and the other two are my sweet friends. The lady in the middle is Ruth, her husband pastors in beautiful Kenora and the lovely lady on the far left is Jane, my pastor's wife. Making memories!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Hugs, Cindy

The sun has just risen on a new day. I went out for a walk just a few minutes after this was taken and it was very chilly.


Jenifer said...

Just gorgeous!

Maple Lane said...

Hi Cindy, I enjoyed these lovely photos. The water coming up over the wall would give one quite a start!
Have a good evening.

oldthings said...

Lovely photos ! I liked the sunrise !It seems that you had a wonderful weekend !

Rebecca said...

Cindy, I enjoy the photos and the peek into your time at the minister's retreat. These are usually such wonderful times of refreshing & fellowship. I'm glad you had the opportunity...

Millie said...

Isn't it amazing how powerful the waves on Lake Winnipeg are? The photos are lovely, especially the last one. My SIL Joan and my brother were selling at Gimli today at their craft sale. Have a great Sunday!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

That last picture is so good I could almost feel a chill. Really good. Sounds like you have been keeping busy and enjoying life. That makes me smile. Have a blessed Sunday!

Anne said...

Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them!


Greet Lefèvre said...

Dear Cindy,
You live in one of the most wonderful places on earth! What a gorgeous pictures you showed us!
Here in Belgium it feels chilly too today! We will have the first of real Fall Sundays.
Hugs to you my friend!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Fantastic pictures Cindy! So happy to hear that you had a fun retreat! Happy Fall! Angie xo

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

Those are beautiful and fantastic looking pictures. That must have been one great retreat.


Pamela Gordon said...

Your hubby took some great photos Cindy. Love that sunrise one. The last photo of the water does look cold. Have a lovely week! Blessings, Pam

Betty said...

Your husband has taken some lovely photos. I especially like the first and last.
I can see that you are enjoying being with good company.
Great photo of you and your friends Cindy.
Happy days. Betty

Shannon @ A Cozy Place Called Home said...

The pictures of the daybreak and those waves in the first picture are beautiful. I'm glad you had a great time away. Sounds like you were gone for a good cause. I hope the retreat renewed your spirits. Cindy, thank you very much for stopping by my new blog. I really appreciate it!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That's such a CUTE picture of you and good pics of your trip, CIndy. Loved seeing this.

Hope all is well there. I'm dropping by to wish you a Happy Fall. Still not back to blogging.

I emailed you about a month ago, but I didn't hear anything. I'm starting to think my new email is not working or something.

Love to you...



Pondside said...

It always amazes me how closely a lake can resemble an ocean. Those shots were wonderful!