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Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh Deer!

Do you like the trend of using antlers and sheds in your decor?
I try not to jump on every new decorating trend that comes along, despite the fact that I may LOVE them. 
But this is one that I really had to have. While we were in Wallace, ID, I found several and this is what I did with a small rack that I found there.

The top of it is hidden there amongst the evergreen branches, I am going to hang this one, it's so perfectly beautiful.

These are my little vintage choir boys that I found last year at the GW. Singing around the Christmas tree!

And atop my armoire you'll find another thrift store find in a new coat of white with a pretty ribbon tied around his neck.
My Dollar Tree reindeer are hanging in front of the mirrors, with pretty bells around their necks.

And I added the deer prints to compliment all of the other deer that are hanging around.

And if you have been wondering what I've been doing for the last three days... well wonder no more.

I have been trying to sew a "Little House On the Prairie" dress, apron and bonnet. It has taken me at least three days to do it, working for hours at a time. I'm not sure why it's been so difficult, but it has been. Actually, I'm not done, I still have to make button holes.

My little grand-daughter, Miss B, has always loved the Little  House on the Prairie books and dvd's. When she was tiny, Carrie was her imaginary friend and she named her stuffed dog Jack. 
She was with me at a garage sale last summer when I found this pattern. I asked her if she would like it and she very excitedly said "YES!". So, she will have it. What a grandmother won't do sometimes. 

I'm smiling, I would do anything for my grands, they are all truly grand, and I know you know what I'm saying, if you have grands of your own.
There is no love like the one that you feel when you see your own grandchildren. Right?

Have a sweet day, friends and readers.



Pamela Gordon said...

I love your sweet choir boys, the antlers, deer everywhere and the garland over your armour. It looks so pretty in your living room. The dress and bonnet are so cute and I know that little Miss B will enjoy playing dressup in it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Pamela

RicKaren said...

I do love the trend of using deer antlers in decor! We have been doing it here for some time, so it is nice to finally be in vogue. I also love, love, love the Carrie dress! Some little girl is going to be sooo happy--I know mine would be!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's so sweet! I love Little House on the Prairie too and would totally love a prairie dress. Lucky girl!

I'm not sure about antlers. I do like them when I see them in other peoples homes I just don't feel compelled to add any to mine. Yours are great surrounded with the greenery and I like the deer pictures on the wall!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, Cindy. How pretty and festive your home looks for the holidays.
My husband and brother visited the schoolhouse/museum where Carrie spent her adult years. You would enjoy looking at this link:
Blessings to you this weekend. Your granddaughter is a very fortunate young lady - she will love the pioneer outfit.

It's me said...

I love antlers.....!!!.....i love deer you.....happy advent time....18 Day 's to Ria

podso said...

I really enjoyed your previous post and the mantle photos. And no I am not one who loves antlers. In fact I still think a shed is a place to store things! But I don't mind seeing them in others' decor, and they even look kind of nice, but I don't understand why so many love to decorate with them. :-) But yours look pretty, as does all your decor, always! Have a good weekend!

anangloinquebec said...

I love it. That armoire looks fantastic with the garland. I never seem to find antlers although this summer I found a huge moose rack which was a little more than I can manage.

Joyful said...

I love antlers and Christmas lights ;-) It's wonderful that you are going to make your grandchild happy. I know she will love her new outfit.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Looks wonderful, Cindy. No, I usually tend to lag behind the trends!

Shelia said...

HI Cindy! Oh, your little choir boys are so sweet and I can almost hear them singing "The Little Drummer Boy". I love the lit garland you've placed around your newly painted armoire! It's gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Millie said...

How sweet of you to do that sewing for your granddaughter. Love the bonnet. Your armoire looks very spiffy.
We didn't do a craft sale this year. I gave most of my craft supplies to the thrift was part of a season in my life but now I want to do other things (or just be lazy!)

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your deer decor is very pretty. I especially love the bonnet and dress as they remind me of some my mother made for my younger sister and I as kids. She didn't have the exact pattern but we lived them and wore them on Pioneer Village trips. I am sure your grandchild will live them as much.


Og sweet Cindy, your house looks so beautiful and festive, like I want to go there! Yes!..I love antlers and deer, if I could find them here, would be terrific! The Pioneer bonnet is adorable, your grand is gonna love it..hope you post a pic of her with it on. The choir boys are so pretty, my fav C'mas decor. Thank you for dropping by my house. Big hugs,

cuori e perline said...

Oh, Cindy, when I was tiny, I liked Little House in the Prairie
Annamaria from Italy

Gail said...

Cindy, your Christmas vignettes are so pretty! I too LOVE deer antlers and I have only one! Would love to get more but they seem hard to come by around here believe it or not. I've asked a few people to be on the lookout for the sheds while in the woods hunting. The little dress, apron and bonnet you made is adorable and I bet your granddaughter will love it!! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Gail

Ana said...

Oh Cindy,
You did a beautiful job on the apron and bonnet. Your granddaughter will love it. By the way, I am so into the deer decor too, as you can tell from my last post...Oh dear, great minds do think alike, Hee, Hee, Hee.


nannykim said...

I like all your deer paraphernalia and the choir boys are just charming! I love the garland too. Grandchildren are such blessings--but I think I am glad that I do not sew clothing! yup--that would be a bit much for me!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is the sweetest gesture of love, and I love the dress! She is going to be SO happy, Cindy!



Julie Harward said...

I hear too with my grands. That is a sweet gift. I love antlers too, I have two elk ones in our family room. Your decorating is lovely!:)

Betty said...

It's great to see your home looking festive with all of the lovely decorating touches. The armoire looks gorgeous with its greenery and lights.
What a sweet bonnet and dress with 'pinny' you have made for your granddaughter. Just lovely. I'm sure she will be very excited to receive it.
I wonder if it is snowing there.
Happy days,

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I love the idea of using the deer prints along with your deer decor. I haven't jumped on the faux deer antler and deer figure bandwagon yet. Maybe because it's not something new around here. Though quite different than a decorating idea, displaying trophies from hunting excursions is quite the norm around here. In fact, hubby has one mounted in his office right now. LOL.
Anyway, I can remember when my youngest daughter wanted to be Laura Ingalls and I made her a dress, apron and bonnet. She was ecstatic and wore her outfit often. I know your granddaughter will love what you've made for her as well.
Yes, grands are very special ;)

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Your house looks just so welcoming and lovely. The garland with the lights, the new antlers, everything. I made my daughter a Little House on the Prairie dress, apron and hat when she was in the first grade. I still have it. You are the perfect grandmother. :o)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I think the use of antlers in decorating is a western thing, so when I move west I'll be on the lookout for them. Our new house is in an area that is frequently visited by deer and bucks--not so good for gardening but maybe I will find some antlers for free?

Your house looks so pretty with all your Christmas decorations, Cindy!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

PS: Your Little Home on the Prairie dress and bonnet is so darling! Your grand daughter will be thrilled with them!

Sharon de Jager said...

Your post on the antlers caught me eye because Antlers and Deer heads, real, fake and resin are all very popular in interior decor and I love them. You're lucky to live in Canada where the deer roam as down south, they are a little more scarce and so these lovely decor items are EXPENSIVE! I love how you've decorated your armoire and how the mirror reflects the light back into the room and I just love the little 'house on the prairie' outfit for your granddaughter. My children aren't married yet so grandchildren are a delight I haven't yet experienced! Wishing you a lovely week ahead. Sharon x