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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Dreaming of Warmer Weather...

...just like Winnipeg Marchs I used to know.

Where the eaves troughs drip 

as the sun melts the snow,

And where the pretty birds sing,

and the temperature rises to ten above and not below. 

Where lilacs blossom and bees begin to buzz,

Manitoba Legislative Buildings

And friends don't mind visiting us

here in the frozen north.

These photos were obviously not taken recently.

In fact, umpteen more inches of snow fell overnight!

My back is sore from shovelling (and falling) and I am

suffering from cabin fever!

That's why I dug out these pretty spring time photos,

I need them.

So, today I'm dreaming of spring.

How about you?

Please tell me if you have blossoms and bees,
I'd love to hear about them!

Thank you so much for coming by, I always enjoy your visits and I will do my best to get over to see you, too.



Sharon de Jager said...

Hi Cindy, you poor thing! thanks for visiting my blog earlier:)) Well today we have sunny skies and it was 12C, daffodils with their bright yellow faces are gracing our parks and making our sidewalks looks very pretty. Haven't seen or heard any bees yet... wishing you warmth and sunshine soon! Sharon

Rebecca said...

Oh! You had me "going" there for awhile... I've almost forgotten what lilacs look like :) Snow has just started to fall here. I don't think we're in for nearly as much as first forecast, though.

oldthings said...

Hello , Cindy !Just now I learn that you have a job !You shovel the snow ..I hope that the weather soon will be better !Here the weather is good , the morning is sunshing and the then many clouds ! The temprature today was 13 degrees !Many trees have bloomed but the leaves of other trees are not green yet !Generaly said that we had a warm winter !I wish to you the spring will be soon near by for you !

Joyful said...

Hi Cindy, I'm getting cabin fever too. Though I posted a photo of crocuses awhile back, we have had fresh snow on the mountains, twice, since then! It is windy today and cloudy. I see snow on top the mountains. The temperatures went up a little over the last few days.

I do love your greenery there in summer. I also really like the Solomon's Seal. I have one too and it is my favourite.

poppilinnstudios said...

Hi Cindy-thanks for the bit of spring! I have cabin fever too and we're expecting some snow over the next 2 days-ugh. Hopefully, it will be rain instead. I did spot some daffodil leaves peeking out from under the tree in my front yard this morning! What a nice little surprise.
Hope your back is feeling better-be careful out there!
Have a good week.

Nancy said...

Hi Cindy!

I enjoyed your pretty pictures. It sure is lovely "up there". Hopefully soon the snow will start to melt and be gone for good. We still have snow here; not as much as you but enough to realize I'm aching for spring.

Take care!


Vintage Gal said...

Cindy ~ no blossoms or bees here yet. But I am glad I stopped by to view your gorgeous photos. Everything looks perfect. I am just awaiting spring with bated breath. Although, another snow storm is headed this way yet again ~ sigh ~ spring

Pamela Gordon said...

I probably shouldn't even leave a comment Cindy, as it's not spring here either. It's snowing right now in fact but, milder sunshine is expected for the next 2 days. You got a lot of snow on top of what you already had so I hope it's a gradual melt. Cheer up. Spring will soon be there and here. :) Hugs, Pam

It's me said...

Hello we have beautiful spring weather !!....sun is it !!....i am happy it is almost happy week

Brittany said...

I sure wish I could share our lovely daffodils with you! I noticed my tulips yesterday, they're just about ready to open up. It's not exactly "warm" here, but we're not wearing coats anymore ;) I think we're all hoping spring is right around the corner - I'm ready for it!!

Anne said...

Oh Cindy! Thank you for the burst of spring!!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Cindy, it is still cold and snowing on and off here in Colorado. I've heard that March is this areas snowiest month, so I don't expect to see Spring any time soon. When it does arrive I will also be happy to see it! :)

Carol Z said...

No blossoms yet in New York and snow is predicted for tomorrow, but spring is in my heart.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

No blossoms for me except the kind you buy at the grocery. We are getting a snow storm as I write this. Honestly, I'm over it! Hopefully it will melt quickly and be done with it. Rest your back...

Betty said...

Your photos are lovely Cindy.
Hope you don't have to shovel too much more snow and your back feels better soon.
We are feeling the heat here. We're having a long run of 30C plus days. I would like to feel some cool air. Perhaps we could do a swap:)

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Gorgeous photos Cindy...sooo ready for Spring!
Stay warm!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Cindy,
I have been catching up with you this morning. You still have snow.we still have rain. This last weekend was beautiful just like a new fresh spring day and birds were out and then today its raining, crazy I tell ya.
I lover your ripple afghan your aunt made, I am crocheting a ripple afghan right now in blue and white. Your tea cozy that Sue made you is so pretty, I really love it. I have been wanting to either knit or crochet one I even found a few fun patterns to try.
Your daughters home is so delightful she has her Mom's talent for decorating. I hope she is feeling better now from her surgery. I know it takes a lot of time to mend.
Have a sweet day Cindy and keep warm by the fire. I am at work today and I can't wait to get home.
Sending love and hugs, Elizabeth

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Cindy love the flowers in the silver pitcher, so beautiful! I'm ready for spring too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!

I came by way of a comment you left on another blog...and lo and behold, a fellow Canadian. So nice to meet you. I send you greetings from the Niagara region in Ontario. No snow here today....just plenty of sunny sunshine!

Stop by to visit with me if you like.
Ciao bella.
Creative Carmelina

podso said...

We certainly have weather that looks like spring today but I am freezing. there is such a strong wind and it must be from the north. Your pics of warmer weather are lovely and inspiring for the hope within that spring will come!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your fall. I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful pictures. We have a few trees with pink blooms, jonquils, forsythia etc. blooming. Yesterday a.m. it was 64 degrees when we woke. Today, however, we woke to a light dusting of snow! Hopefully, we all will enjoy a delightful spring before too long.
Take care of yourself.

Faye Henry said...

No, dear Cindy we do not have any blossoms or blooms.. Just snow. smile.. Oh well, Spring will soon be here..
Take care my friend..

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I'm dreaming, too, Cindy... though it is almost here for us!! Blooms are popping up and the bees will be here soon too!! blessings ~ tanna

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I'm sure you're sick of the snow! I know I would be.

We have spring bulbs blooming, forsythia, camelia's and some of the trees are blooming.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm starting to think of spring, too, and your photos call to me! We are having a drought here, though, so we need all the snow we can get...although right now I'd love it to be rain! Thanks for stopping by, Cindy!

Ana said...

You fell? Oh my goodness Cindy are you okay? Please be careful.

For me the first sign of Spring is sweet little humming birds and I have seen a few already. Need to fill up those feeders.

Hope Spring will spring up soon for you my friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Much love,

camp and cottage living said...

I so enjoyed your summer hotos!
Yes, I have Cabin Fever too.
It is +3C (37F) here today. I'm trying to keep busy with projects so I can live outside when Spring really arrives.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Cindy! I didn't know that you fell!
Be careful...
I hope you get a bit of sunshine and blooms soon.
We are starting to have a few blooms and the Wisteria looks like it will be blooming completely soon.

hang in there...

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

Oh the lilacs are so beautiful! My Grandmother use to grow them...tons of them but I could only look at them from afar...very allergic...but sill absolutely love them...thanks for the smile : ) hugs...

Jenifer said...

Beautiful pictures! I am so sorry about your fall and sore back. I will say a prayer for you. I, too, have spring fever! Of course we are not near as far north as you are so our temps are a little higher and we don't have quite as much snow. Our temps have been in the 40s and most of our snow has finally melted! Come on spring!!