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Friday, May 24, 2013

Screened Porch ~ Flea Market Decorating

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Manitoba, Canada.
And we are looking forward to a sunny weekend, despite how the weather forecast reads.
Marissa is with us for a week and we're having a good time.

Our screened in porch is a wonderful place to spend time in the spring, summer and fall.
During the summer though, after 9:30 a.m. it becomes very hot in here.
It's my favourite place to spend the morning, peacefully drinking coffee, listening to the birds twitter and talking to God.

The old tablecloth that I've thrown over this chair will make a sweet little slipcover and the pretty embroidery piece will be sewn onto the back part. 
My friend Millie of Wreathmaker, gave it to me.
She knew I would make good use of it.

Isn't that an adorable little vintage ice chest?
It makes a delightful little coffee table.

The white clock and tea pot were given to me.
I have used all of the pink and white things in here that I've collected over the years.
And there is a smidgeon of robins egg blue thrown in, just for the fun of it.

For a long time I have wanted to paint the walls and ceiling white, but I haven't done it yet...
This may be the year that I do it!

This chair was a garage sale find for $2.00.
There were two of them and I wanted both of them, but I only had $2.00 on me. A lady standing nearby heard me tell my daughter-in-law that and she walked up to me and pressed a $2.00 coin into my hand.
Isn't that sweet?

The chairs at the table were found at a wonderful little store by the name of Hodge Podge in Dauphin, Manitoba.

The furniture will be painted eventually, too.

Do you enjoy Flea Market decorating?
When we decorate in this way, we are using furniture and accessories that might other wise have ended up in a land fill somewhere.

Have a good weekend and may the sun shine on you!

Hugs, Cindy


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Catching up this morning! Congratulations on making the Romantic Homes magazine.... seeing this post is just another reason you deserve to be in there, Cindy! I want to be sitting on your porch.

And, the dress you made your sister!!! Gorgeous!! It is just so very, beautiful. You are most talented. blessings ~ tanna

cuori e perline said...

I like your porch!

Sharon de Jager said...

Hi Cindy, I love your porch, so old worldly. I can only dream of sitting in porch where it's too hot after 9.30am...we're in for a wet weekend here. I love repurposing furniture. Thrift stores are my first stop to find what I'm looking for, if I can't find it there, I'll then go online or shopping on the high street. Have a lovely weekend! Sharon

Pamela Gordon said...

Love your screen porch Cindy! I so want one and we are talking of adding a sunroom or something to the back of our house but not this year. I noticed the floor lamp at the end of the couch. We have one here and Murray was asking me just the other night what I wanted to do with it. It's metal, crooked, missing the top globe and needs new electoral wiring. I said we should get rid of it. Now I see a new purpose for it - if we ever get a sunroom! Thanks for the inspiration. It's great to repurpose this old 'stuff' isn't it? Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Pam

RicKaren said...

I would love to have a screened in porch! Yours looks so cozy! It makes me feel like I know you to think of you sitting here. =)

It's me said...

I loooooove it !!....happy

podso said...

Your porch looks lovely in the morning light! And cozy. I can see you enjoying mornings out there. the best time for our porch too.

Have a lovely weekend!

Rebecca said...

You MUST know how totally charmed I am by your sweet porch... I envy the fact that you can make your own slipcovers. If you lived closer, I would employ you for several projects that need them :)

Millie said...

Hi Cindy
Good idea for the embroidered piece. As you said, I knew you would think of a creative way to use it. Your porch looks like a nice place to sit with a cup of tea.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

You are lucky to have such a sweet spot to relax and have collected some lovely pieces. That was very sweet of the lady.

Shabby soul said...

Love your serene corner darling!
I think I'm going to use an old stair to display things too, in my garden, when it will finally stop the rain =(
Hugs sweetie!

oldthings said...

I love your porch ! Is it bright and cozy !I liked this old tablecloth .
Have a nice weekend Cindy !

Faye Henry said...

I love it all, Cindy and I think you would find some treasures at that little shop in St. Martins.. smile..

Marissa "Marathon" Stower said...

What a transformation! It looks great, Mom. It is very peaceful, indeed. <3

The Zeigler Homestead said...

You have a cozy spot here. Definitely a good place to start the day. Flea market decorating is pretty much the only kind of decorating I do anymore. And it is fun!! Have a wonderful weekend! -Susie

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your porch is so charming and restful, Cindy! And I love the ice chest as a table!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

oh, Cindy ...I love the quietness of your porch. I bet it is lovely to sit there in the mornings with Coffee and God. :)
You know I love decorating with flea market style and cast off treasures.
Finding someplace for everything...that is the problem!
...but making it pretty is half the fun.
I bet that little tablecloth is going to make a beautiful slip cover and with the will be special for sure.
:) Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, What a lovely room to enjoy a cup of coffee in! The blue ice chest is marvelous. I have known Millie for several years through blogging. Always a joy to visit with you. Have a good evening.

Rhonda Sue said...

So pretty! I predict this room may be featured in a magazine you.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Your porch is so pretty Cindy! I love it and you have it looking so cozy and warm! I would want to stay there all day! Angie xo

anangloinquebec said...

Pretty as always. I hope you are having weather which allows you to enjoy this lovely space.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love your cozy porch! I like going out in the early morning with my coffee too. We have the same summer weather! In the summer we have to be out really early or late at night. My favorite season to be out on the porch is fall!

Marina Pérez said...

Why haven't I seen this post? your porch is lovely and I do love your decoration.


Joyful said...

It's a lovely place to sit. If I had an outdoor screened porch I would probably use it a lot more. It looks nice and cosy.

camp and cottage living said...

I can see why you love your screened porch, Cindy, it looks so cozy and pretty.
Have fun with your daughter!
I know you'll treasure your time together.

Brittany said...

Your porch is just beautiful! You have such a knack with putting pretty things together =) I love flea market style, and that old ice chest is awesome!
Happy spring to you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your porch so much and all of the special touches. I've had your blog open for a couple of days to go back and look again. I would like to make a few changes in our lanai and you've given me some good ideas! Hugs!

Larry Cohen said...

We can't control the extreme heat of the sun outdoors, but we can moderate it's entry into our house. Using blinds and shutters plus proper ventilation are a great help. I love the way your porch is designed. I can think of a very beautiful start of your day as you stay here, sip a cup of Joe, and enjoy the outdoor view. Thanks for sharing!

Larry @ South FL Home Remodeling