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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mother of the Bride Dress

Some of you will remember that I made a dress for my sister for her daughter's wedding.
See that post here.
The wedding was a week ago and my sis wore her lovely dress and received lots of compliments.
That makes me so happy because my little sis has been through some really difficult places in life, but she has come through smiling, with a positive attitude and still loving God.

Her son is walking her to her chair.
I think she looks so pretty.
Susan is a natural blonde and stays very active,
she's 18 months younger than myself.

Her daughter is a very special girl, I love her so much.
I was heart broken not to make it to her wedding, but some things just are not possible.
Her two boys flank her and the bride and groom.

Susan sent me a beautiful photo that was taken by a friend of Susans'.
This was taken on the coast of Washington near where I was born.

To me, this is the most beautiful place in the whole world.
It's probably native land, so we would not be allowed to go here.

I am gone for the next week, I won't be around, but I will visit you as soon as I possibly can.

Have a wonderful week!!!



Here is something that someone sent me, it was too cute not to pass on.
"Senior version of Jesus Loves Me"

Here is a new version just for us who have white hair or no hair at all. For us over middle age (or even those almost there) and all you others, check out this newest version of Jesus Loves Me.

Description: Description:                                                            Description:                                                            Description:                                                            []


Jesus loves me, this I know,
Though my hair is white as snow
Though my sight is growing dim,
Still He bids me trust in Him.

Description: Description:                                                            Description:                                                            Description:                                                            []

Though my steps are oh, so slow,
With my hand in His I'll go
On through life, let come what may,
He'll be there to lead the way. 

Description: Description:                                                            Description:                                                            Description:                                                            []
When the nights are dark and long,
In my heart He puts a song.
Telling me in words so clear,
"Have no fear, for I am near." 

Description: Description:                                                            Description:                                                            Description:                                                            []
When my work on earth is done,
And life's victories have been won.
He will take me home above,
Then I'll understand His love 

Description: Description:                                                            Description:                                                            Description:                                                            []
I love Jesus, does He know?
Have I ever told Him so?
Jesus loves to hear me say,
That I love Him every day. 

Description: Description:                                                            Description:                                                            Description:                                                            []


Anonymous said...

Your sister looks lovely in the dress you lovingly made. Beautiful wedding!

It's me said...

It looks great...lovely to do this for your enjoy summer...Ria...x !

Sharon de Jager said...

Hi Cindy, well you did your sister proud, it's a beautiful dress and very elegant, suits your sister well! Have a lovely week. Sharon x

Rebecca said...

What a perfect fit & beautiful dress.

(I just prayed that everyone attending Family Camp will have an encouraging and fun time. I'll look forward to to your return to BlogLand.)

Shabby soul said...

You did a marvelous dress for your sister, she surely have been so proud. It's a great divine gift to have a positive attitude despite of bad things happening in life. Surely her daughter is a happy person =)
Hugs my darling friend

Shelia Williamson said...

Hi Cindy! Your sister looks beautiful in her dress you've made. You're a wonderful sister to make it for her. Her daughter is just so pretty and I wish the newlyweds the very best.
I have heard this version before and just love it.
Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Greet Lefèvre said...

Cindy, I am sure your sister was proud to wear that beautiful dress! You two look like a twin!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Her dress was sooo pretty ... GREAT job Cindy!

Brittany said...

You did a great job on that dress, it looks so pretty on your sister!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

The dress and your sister are beautiful! Well done, Cindy. It is sad to miss out on special family times... but, sometimes it just can't be helped. The love in that dress made your presence felt. blessings ~ tanna

Betty said...

How lovely and happy your sister is. She must have felt so good in that beautiful dress. You are such a kind lady Cindy.
I hope you have a good time with your grandchildren and that the weather stays fine.
Washington state looks beautiful. So many lovely places in the world!
Enjoy your week.

ScrapbookingButterfly said...

The dress you made is as lovely as is the beautiful smile on your sister's face. I wish the young couple much happiness...weddings are a blessing as the family tree grows. It is a little sad when all the family can't be together to celebrate due to distance or other circumstances but I'm sure they knew your love and thoughts were with them.

•♥ Ally ♥• said...

Cindy, your dress is lovely. I'm speechless ...
your sister is elegant, refined, solar. Compliments.
The last photo is really beautiful, I'd take a long walk in those places

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Your sister looks beautiful! Wonderful job Cindy! Angie xo

rhonda jean said...

Your sister looks lovely. You did a very good job on the dress. Beautiful wedding!

Ginger Zuck said...

Cindy, her dress is beautiful and I know she was so proud and confident walking to her seat that wonderful day. You are so talented, it is truly beautiful and so special for your sister and her daughter. I'm sorry you did not get to attend, but you have these wonderful memories of actually being a part of that special day. Hugs

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Cindy, I missed your post last week or so as our family was here. I just happened to see this one on my blogroll at the side of my blog this morning. Your sister looks so beautiful in the dress you made her. It is perfect. Also her daughter looks very beautiful on her wedding day. I'm glad the wedding went well. I enjoy seeing your new friend's beautiful gardens as well. What a wonderful chance meeting and friendship you have now. I hope your week is going well and you are enjoying the summer weather. Blessings and hugs, Pam

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Cindy!
I was just popping over to see what you've been up to...and realized I'd read this post already.
Thought I left a comment too...but you know what?
I read so many blogs and have lots of tabs opened at once...that I think I'm leaving a comment and then really, I'm not!
I should probably come up with a better system.
Anyway--- your sister's dress looks beautiful. I know she is happy to have you sew for her.
I love the picture of the native land
Hope you are having a nice break...see you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, Just checking on you. Hope all is well. Wishing you a blessed Sunday. Mildred

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Lovely dress...lovely sister! How lucky they were to have an outside wedding on a beautiful day. Hope you are well and enjoying summer!

Jesh St Germain said...

Sorry you couldn't be there for the wedding:(
That native piece of land IS beautiful!
Thank you for coming to my blog earlier:)

Lemon Chic said...

you have a great blog ^ ^
you want to follow each other?
follow me and let me know with a comment
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Lynn L said...

Very nice dress Sister Cynthia!!! :)


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