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Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Decor

Hello all,

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too.

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged.
But, it is due to the fact that
our lives have recently become very busy.

I can only focus on one or maybe two things at a time. The first thing I've been focusing on is getting my house back to "normal" after the Christmas decor and parties.

The colour in this is terrible! It's in the same room as the photo below.

And the second thing I've been doing is getting my home ready and taking training for my new "job".

And what will that be, you may ask...well, we are going to become an emergency foster home for children who have come directly from being taken from their natural parents by CFS (Children and Family Services).

I love working with children and I love being at home, so I am putting these two things together and I will be a "foster mum" to two children at a time.

It is a very long and arduous process due to the training and such, but we are nearing the end, thankfully.

I may not be blogging as much from here on, but I will try to every once in a while.

Last Friday the youth leader in our church invited my husband and I to go skating with the youth group.
Our city has created one of the longest river skating trails in the world.
The temperature was about -10 C, it was very nice for skating.
The lights were twinkling, the cloud cover reflected the city lights back on us and it was a truly magical night!

It was nearing 9:00 at night in this photo,
and as you can see it was very bright outside.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will be around to visit you all over the next couple of days.